3 Ways To Promote Yourself

3 Ways To Promote Yourself

Creating a blog is a piece of cake nowadays. Lots of people know how to make their blogs interesting and the content eye-catching. However, the blog itself is just the half of the way; you need followers. To create your audience, you need to tell people about your blog or to do something that will lead them to it. There’s time for self-promotion. Follow these steps and gather your followers.

Self-Promotion Tips for Bloggers

Social Media

Tweeter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkeIn are your best friends in this case. Create an account and start getting acquainted with people. Find those who share your interests. Following other influential networkers’ experience is also a good idea. There are even special guides how to make your blog popular in social media. It is a powerful tool to promote yourself online.


It’s a great source of audience searching some information. Your blog offers special topics and solutions in some sphere, and you need people who might be interested in it. In such a way, participating in your sphere forum foresees communicating with potential followers. Add a link to a useful article in your blog to the comment. That’s the deal – you are already communicating with people and promoting your blog. Nevertheless, be careful and do not transform this tool into spam. I think you know about consequences.

Business Cards

You exist online, but your potential readers may meet you in real life. Usually attending a conference or relevant events related to your blog topic helps to meet new people. There’s the opportunity to promote your blog with a business card. It improves your professionalism and contributes to your level, especially when it’s about the “old-school” audience. There are hundreds of ways how to promote your blog. Just remember that bragging is an easy talk and self-promoting is a dedicated work.

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