How to Answer Personal Insight Questions

How to Answer Personal Insight Questions

Heading to university, every student is faced with the task to complete an application essay. Additionally, the vast majority of American universities also require you to answer the personal insight questions. They are also known as admission essays aimed at revealing the traits of your character and your background.

The following list contains the tips that should be necessarily taken into account:

  • Everybody who is applying for a higher institution should answer only one question.
  • What is more, you have a chance to choose three more items out of the list of suggested questions. Therefore, you need to give a response to four questions in general.
  • The maximum word count appropriate for each answer is 350 words. Try to be straightforward and do not make too many generalized statements.
  • Every question has its points and sets out to disclose some side of our life, so opt for the interrogations that fully reveal your personality.

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  1. It is better to display a visible picture of something than to tell a thousand sentences about it. This rule works not only for personal insight questions but for all narrative writings. First and foremost, this strategy makes you thrive while completing an admission essay. Putting forward a great number of facts and argumentation may make an essay a boring reading. Alternatively, show the professors why all that statements are true about you. You are about to use the active voice while working on the essay. Do not be scared to tell about your emotions and feelings. Bring it in the way that would make somebody, who reads your essay, understand you, your standpoint, and your feelings. Avoid using formal language and academic collocations. On the contrary, you can apply a lot of sensory details, such as smell, touch, taste, etc.
  2. Channel your efforts equally to each essay equally. UC estimates every essay you deliver with the same criteria, so do not focus only on one answer. Imagine that all the four pieces compose the entire andd harmonious structure. Each of the issues described should be solid, one-thing concentrated, and comprehensive. There is no point to cram each answer trying to tell as much as you can about yourself. Put such emphases on your writing so that every answer conveys information on a specific situation or a special trait of your character. Whenever you stick to these instructions, you’ll receive a balanced and all-embracing essay.
  3. Think carefully and gather ideas. Brainstorm the most open-ended questions first. Once you’ll cope with them, it will be easier to get to the rest of the question and generate ideas. When your draft is ready, go through it. Check it for spelling mistakes and other fallacies that may spoil the impression of you. It is important to revise them and make sure the sentences follow the logic of presentation.

Hopefully, these tips will be useful to you. Additionally, you can look for some sample essays on the website of the University of California, where you can find the information you need to know to compose the appropriate answers. Do not be in haste and dig deeper to deal with the task properly.

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