How to Find a Freelance Job for Beginners

How to Find a Freelance Job for Beginners

For years I have been arguing about how to use the job boards as a tool to find job for freelancers. Now I realize that many beginners are frustrated by their experiences with job boards because they were often unable to find work that corresponds to their level of skills. Check my pieces of advice on how to find a good freelance job that corresponds to your demands.

Starting as a Good Blogger

Blogging is something every novice in the freelance world should try. Although it does not necessarily contribute to finding a good freelance job, your experience in blogging will help you to elaborate a unique writing style. You may also learn more about the art of blogging using Yahoo Style Guide.

Creating Samples

Your future employer will certainly want to see some samples of your writing prior to hiring you. So, it is high time to start publishing your articles in your blog. If you are not sure what content is topical nowadays and how to attract readers to your posts, consult The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Blogging.

Guest Blog

After your blog has been ready and there are lots of posts on it, you should try all possibilities of guest posting and publish the content of yours on other sites. Prefer offers from reputable and famous websites. This will certainly make your resume more attractive to prospective employers.

Write for Free

It is similar to guest posting, however, now you may broaden your writing opportunities. Visit different websites, offer your articles for free and diversify the scope of writing topics. This will help you to find your niche in the freelance world. In addition, a website may value your efforts and welcome you to join the team of the staff writers.

Searching for Clients

Although you may dislike “cold emailing,” this is the thing you should do now. Take it easy and remember that you are emailing to offer a valuable service. Although many of the emails will not be even opened, one letter sent at a right time may bring you a well-paid job.

Building a Database

It is recommended to create an Excel spreadsheet and note down all contact details of people with whom you got in touch and why. Communicate with these people, because you never know how they may contribute in getting your first freelance job.

Getting the first client that will bring you a significant income is the hardest part in a freelance career. On the other hand, if you follow these pieces of advice, your first job will be a way easier to find.

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