How to Improve Your Cooking Skills

How to Improve Your Cooking Skills

It is not necessary to study at cooking school in order to become a good cook. There are some easy tricks you need to know so that you get better results while cooking. Here is the list of top 8 most effective ways to improve your cooking and become a professional in the kitchen.

Get True Chef’s Knives

In order to become a better cook, you need to invest at first. Don’t be a miser and get a good knife. It is also important to keep it sharp. Keep in mind that a knife with a longer and wider blade gives you confidence, speed, and control.

Buy the Finest Ingredients

There is no doubt that a salad ordered in a restaurant tastes better. It consists of more expensive and high-quality ingredients. Why can’t you buy these ingredients to cook the same dish at home? Believe it or not, excellent ingredients play role, indeed.

Your Hands Are Your Tools

The most sensitive parts of your body that you need to use in the kitchen are your hands. Develop the sense of touch to be closer to cooking excellence. Learn to feel foods and check their doneness. No toothpick, thermometer, or knife can substitute your hands.

Switch to Sea Salt

I am sure no one will argue that sea salt tastes better than ordinary table one. However, it is not favorable to use too much or too little salt. Even when a recipe suggests using a certain amount of salt, take into account the ingredients you have. Therefore, changes are possible.

Don’t Sauté in a Rush

Being professional chef doesn’t mean to cook quickly. Your main task is to achieve good quality. Thus, do not try to put too many pieces of food when sautéing. Otherwise, the temperature of the pan will lower, too much food will create steam, and you won’t get proper browning. Before sautéing, it is important to ensure that the pan is hot enough and the food is dried.

Reduce Liquids before Serving

In order to concentrate the flavor of braised meat or vegetables, it is recommended to reduce the sauce by boiling it. The best option is to do it over high heat. Your dish will be the one that will be hard to leave even when you are full.

Keep Pastry in the Oven Longer than Usual

If you want your pastry to look appetizing and brown, you need to bake it a bit longer than you think it is necessary. Pastry tastes a way better when cooked long enough. Believe it or not, your pastry will be scrumptious if you use this trick.

Final Notes

Always leave roasted meat to rest a bit before carving so that it doesn’t end up dry. It is important to let its juices redistribute. Another advice is to add a final splash of citrus juice or vinegar to your dish. This way, any of your dishes or desserts will get the perked flavor.

Never stick to the recipe, especially in terms of time frames. Listen to your inner world, feel the food, and you will have the finest dishes.

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