How to Turn Your Life into a Real Adventure?

How to Turn Your Life into a Real Adventure?

Even though you might not want to admit it, but I bet that you wish you had a spirit of adventure in your everyday life. The first sign that you are looking for more adventures is that you are reading this “Travel & Adventure” blog. The second reason is that, as every human being, you are most probably interested in bringing some action in your everyday life. Regardless of how much you like your comfort zone and are ok with spending each holiday in your usual way (maximum going hiking or spending some days in a tent near the lake), deep inside you are craving for adventures, aren’t you? What I want to tell you now is that you can actually find adventure almost in anything. It totally depends on your lifestyle, bravery, and willingness to accept some new knowledge and experience.

The hardest part of turning your current lifestyle into a more interesting and exciting one is being motivated and determined to begin. You might be really seduced to stay at home on your day-off and watch some Netflix series, drink beer or eat ice-cream. However, you should realize that going on like that won’t bring any desired change.

So, when deciding to start living an adventurous life, remember about the following three aspects:

  • The basic rule of improvisation.
  • Clear outlook.
  • Craving for something new.

The Basic Rule of Improvisation

Have you ever taken an improvisation class? As I was a member of a theatre club some years ago, I had numerous classes of improvisation. Well, whatever the case, the thing I want to tell you now is that almost all instructors of improvisation classes teach the basic rule, which says “Yes, and...” So, from now on, this is your primary mantra for each day.

The main function of getting used to saying this phrase in everyday life is that it opens up opportunities and possibilities instead of radically rejecting everything. However, do not think that it means that you should be a ‘Yes Man’ and never say “no.” You should definitely say “no” to stuff that brings you discomfort or can cause harm to you. Still, trace your actions and find out how often you say “no” on a daily basis without any clear reason. So, make yourself the participant of the actions happening around you and learn to say, “Yes, and...”

Clear Outlook

You might have many aims, goals, and wishes, but the worst part of it all is that you spend too much energy and effort merely on dreaming. Each free second or minute is involved in thinking about the possible future scenarios, which is not good actually, because you could have spent that time on doing something that broadens your horizons. Do not think of your each day as less worthy than those dreams. Start with planning some small goals every day: wake up 15 minutes earlier and do some physical exercises, go on foot instead of taking public transport, ask for help from someone at least once a week, etc.

Craving for Something New

When you are fed up with everything you are doing or have once tried, think of something you have never done before and try to do it. The spiciest thing you can bring into your life is its great variety. On the one hand, it is completely understandable that you might be afraid of the unknown, but when such thoughts start to crawl into your mind, stop for a while and ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen to you?”

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