How to Write an Essay on the Issue of Death Penalty

How to Write an Essay on the Issue of Death Penalty

Capital punishment is a controversial topic that has a great potential for discussion. So, many students choose to write essays about it. The debate on this issue has lasted for ages, and every person can find a number of valid arguments to justify their own opinion. Many people believe that death penalty is the only fair punishment for those who have committed crimes against humanity, like mass murders, terrorism and rape. On the other hand, there are also many people with a strong conviction that the governments have no rights to take someone’s life.

First of all, let’s look into the arguments against death penalty. As it has been mentioned, the most common argument lies in the idea that no human being has a right to decide whether to take life of another human being (despite the fact that in cases of possible death punishment that’s exactly what has been done by the criminal). In many cases, people give this idea a religious foundation saying that only God has the right to decide on humans’ faith.

Another argument against death penalty says that it only promotes violence that is already in abundance in the modern world. Finally, they believe that capital punishment is nothing more but a murder and it doesn’t have any effect on the crime rates in the society.

As far as the arguments pro death penalty are concerned, they are often guided by the idea of fair justice. People who support this idea are convinced that this kind of punishment can increase the safety because the criminals who commit serious crimes will understand what consequences they might have. They also believe that this can be a preventive means to warn those who are planning mass murders or terrorist attacks because they will know that these crimes will lead to them losing their own lives.

Finally, those people are assured that a life imprisonment is not the right thing to do regarding criminals who committed crimes against humanity because it means their lives in prisons will be supported by money from taxes of ordinary people or even families of their victims. Capital punishment in this case is the only right thing to do.

If you still haven’t figured out your own attitude to this controversial topic, the arguments mentioned above can shed some light. However, don’t forget to mention both pro and against arguments in your essay because that’s the main requirement of this kind of writing. It’s a good idea to start the body part of your essay with the arguments that don’t reflect your own point of view and dedicate the bigger part of your writing to supporting your own ideas. Don’t forget to include the thesis statement in the introduction and mention both points of view while highlighting your own attitude in the conclusion.

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