How to Write Rhetorical Essay

How to Write Rhetorical Essay

Definition of Rhetorical Essay

The rhetorical essay is sometimes called rhetorical analysis essay. This kind of essay can refer to any subject. What differentiates it from other types of essays is that it provides a line of reasoning which is followed by the summary of reasoning line and a thorough explanation of its meaning.

Structure of a Rhetorical Essay

The rhetorical analysis essay differs from a book report because in the latter you can just write a couple of words about the author and make a summary of the book’s contents. Book reports don’t include writer’s impressions, viewpoints, and reactions to the content of the book. To analyze and make your own opinion is a task of the rhetorical essay. While explaining what a text means to you may sometimes be difficult, it’s an essential part of the rhetorical essay analysis. Begin with describing the short bio of the author accompanied by your opinion about his personality. Afterwards, make a summary of the text and tell whether you think the author has expressed ideas adequately or not. Use arguments to reinforce your opinion. You can also mention the areas that the author could make better and clearer. Explain how he could do it.

Use Definition for Rhetorical Essay

  • Begin with the outline that should list your main arguments.
  • Define the subject of your essay and its meaning right away to make your reader know what you will be taking about. For instance, if you’re writing about the endangered animal species, tell what it means to society.
  • Although rhetorical essay can be written on various subjects, we advise you to select a topic that both you and people around would be interested in. You can use Google or social networks to find out what’s trending right now.
  • Give an explanation of what you feel about the subject and summarize your opinion clearly. Choose only strong reasons so that your audience can relate to you and your subject.

Use References

You should keep the balance between being too wordy and being overly succinct. However, in case with the rhetorical essay analysis, it is better to avoid wording. That’s true because if you ramble too much about your opinions, people won’t read your paper. For each opinion that you have, a reliable reason should be provided. For example, you can’t just state that you’re totally against the new healthcare policy. You should give convincing arguments which explain your position so that your words don’t look empty. Most of the time, it requires some research. When you carry out an analysis, use references. It gives your essay credibility and shows that you have worked on the topic thoroughly.

Essay Format

When writing a rhetorical essay, avoid unnecessary and slang words. Use proper spelling and grammar and keep things precise. If you write properly, use correct words, and can get your point across, people will definitely understand your opinion and get convinced in your rightness.

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