Top 10 Tips to Become a Great Flatmate

Become a Great Flatmate

Living under one roof with people with different traits of character and worldview can lead to certain inconveniences and problems, but what choice do students have? Dorm life is an inescapable reality of being a student. However, it’s not necessary to have bad relationships with your neighbors and flatmates. If you follow these 10 simple tips, you will certainly forget about all problems and inconveniences that life with flatmates entails!

  • Select your neighbors attentively. Be it a rented house or a dormitory, you should choose your neighbors wisely, because once you start living with them, it would be very difficult to change their personality. For this reason, it’s much better to choose a flatmate that fits your personality right away. Don’t get under pressure. Take your time to evaluate the person that you’re going to live with. Don’t get in a hurry by getting a room with an unknown stranger whom you barely know, just because he/she seems to be a good candidate. Evaluate, think, analyze and then only choose.
  • Create the list of rules. Having a list of rules and the planner that lets everyone know when it’s his/her turn to sweep the floor or wash toilets will decrease the number of unpleasant arguments greatly.
  • Discuss household problems. If something bothers you don’t keep in your mind, because sometime this bubble will burst and it will result in a real conflict. Arrange house meetings to let everybody know what annoys him/her. Work on the solution and forget about the problem.
  • Clean after yourself. This is a basic rule, yet so many forget about it or simply don’t follow it. You live with other people – respect their needs. If you leave a mess after yourself, it doesn’t say anything good about you.
  • Ask, and then take. Do you want the other person to take your stuff without asking? Probably not. So, why do you think you should allow yourself to behave this way? Ask, and only then take.
  • Pay rent timely. One of the essential points to avoid unnecessary arguments and conflicts.
  • Don`t move your boyfriend or girlfriend in. In case you want to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should find a place to live together. Inviting them to live together with your flatmate is a sign of disrespect for your neighbor.
  • Don`t become a nag. Being a dirty person is bad, but being a house nag can also become very annoying. Instead of reminding everyone about the mess that he/she is causing, set rules, but don’t forget about compromises.
  • Don`t cause inconveniences. Coming after the late night party early in the morning and singing your favorite song on the top of your voice is a very bad idea! Be polite and gently and try not to cause any inconveniences.
  • Be sociable. Be opened to create the atmosphere of friendliness and mutual help. This will only benefit both you and your flatmate.

Follow these tips and forget about conflicts!

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