Top 4 Writing Lessons to Learn from Our Favorite TV Shows

Top 4 Writing Lessons to Learn from Our Favorite TV Shows

All of us are watching Netflix for fun, isn’t it so? But have you ever thought that you can use it for boosting your writing skills? What a crazy idea, you may think! Although it may sound strange, you can actually learn a lot from the shows that you watch on Netflix just for fun. And here are the top 4 shows that can help you make it.

“Blackish” – Don’t Tell It, Show It!

It’s a great show because it has well-developed characters and the excellent sense of humor. But how can it benefit your writing? You should understand its social message. There are actually a lot of hidden messages, which relate to LGBT issues and racism. But nobody builds a big billboard and screams, “Hey! Look, there is a lot of racist stereotyping here!” Instead, we can sense these messages through the behavior and actions of main characters.

Your writing assignments, be it lab work, a report or an essay, also have a central message, which is called a “thesis”. The lesson, which you can learn from “Blackish”, is that your message can be revealed through examples, quotes and details rather than through obvious statements that everyone has already heard.

“Game of Thrones” – Use the Lens of Accuracy and Realism

Although this series is a representative of the fantasy genre, it clearly pictures the brutal and dark way of life, which was prevalent in medieval times. The dark atmosphere and all the horrors, through which the story guides the audience, make the viewers feel like they’re the part of these medieval times. And that’s exactly what makes the show so appealing – its realism.

The lesson you can learn from “Game of Thrones” is that accuracy and realism can grab attention of your readers to your work. Show the readers true guts of the subject that you’re researching.

“The Walking Dead” – Examine the Problems from Different Sides

A series that was able to reach continuous success during eight seasons is definitely a good one. It did so by gradually showing the personalities of different characters and their reactions to life in the post-apocalyptic world.

Similarly to a zombie apocalypse, your writing assignment also has different sides that can influence people differently. Take a stock market crash. A factory worker, monk and CEO will experience it in very different ways. The lesson you can learn from “The Walking Dead” is that you can examine a problem from different angles.

“Breaking Bad” – See how the Big Change Happened

Walter White is an outstanding showcase of how a good character can change into a bad one. A good-natured chemistry teacher faces poverty and illness and transforms into a cruel drug dealer.

In case you’re analyzing a big change in your paper, the lesson that “Breaking Bad” shows you is the best that you can think of. As you’re analyzing the changes in some phenomena or a person, you can find it as intriguing and fascinating as the story of Walter White.

Still worrying about your next writing assignment? With the wisdom of your favorite TV shows, you don’t have to anymore!

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