Top 5 Reasons why Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Top 5 Reasons why Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Writing and reading are two skills that are closely interrelated and if you want to improve your writing, reading more will definitely help. Science is there to back up this claim! Here are top 5 reasons why reading more will help you to become a better writer.

New Writing Styles

The more you read the more writing styles you see. The more writing styles you see the better you can mix or follow them. The better you can mix or follow them the more chances you have to create your unique writing style. Just remember that you can’t read 3 texts and start producing great writing pieces. You need to do a lot of reading first.

Extended Vocabulary

Learning different ways of writing is not the only advantage that you will get from reading more. Another cool thing is that your vocabulary will naturally get extended. You will find new words, phrases and all little things that will turn boring sentences into masterpieces of written thought.

New Knowledge

There are so many things that you can learn from both fiction and nonfiction. Why not to dive into all these magnificent worlds created by different authors throughout the history of humankind? By reading, you get to know different knowledge that was unknown to you before and that can be very helpful in terms of writing.

Understand the Mechanics

While reading, you learn many things about different styles, learn new words and expand your knowledge base. It also teaches you to use the writing tools, as well as proper grammar and punctuation. You will need all of these things when you write. They are all important and equally difficult to master. Remember that there is no need for you to go deep into the author's style (even though you can do it). Just a simple acquaintance with a different style is okay.

See the Connection

It can be hard for you to see it. However, soon you will understand that reading cannot exist without writing, just like writing cannot exist without reading. In addition, they do not only coexist, they also help each other.

Do you understand the connection between reading and writing now? Then grab an interesting book and begin reading it! Soon you will see how it will help you develop your writing skills.

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