Where to Find Part Time or Casual Job?

Where to Find Part Time or Casual Job?

While most students are trying to find part-time or casual employment because it is financially rewarding, such work also has additional benefits, which are skills and experience. Whatever job you do, you develop various skills, such as time-management or communication skills, ability to work in a team, etc. This helps you improve your future employability.

Seeking first employment, students are usually ready to do any job they can find. However, it is possible to find a part-time or causal job related to your major even if you have zero experience. At first, the job may be linked with studies only remotely, e.g. a history student can be hired to work in a museum. Nevertheless, as you continue your studies, the chances of finding a job according to your specialization raise considerably. So, being a graduate student in informational technology, you can easily become a computer lab assistant.

Regardless of the type of employment you are looking for, you may discover job opportunities when you:

  • Read advertisements
  • Use your network (friends, relatives, etc.)
  • Approach employers directly

You should know that some decent jobs may not be even advertised, so it’s better to analyze a so-called hidden job market by asking your friends, relatives, acquaintances for help.

Some Part-Time/Casual Work Ideas

Students and graduates are welcome to seek official employment at the university websites. Many of the job opportunities, which you can find there, are exclusive and are advertised only on such websites. Consider both on- and off-campus possibilities.

On-Campus Employment

  • Students can do some administrative or service work on campus. The recruitment process is organized two times a year. In October, they also hire library workers. They usually offer numerous more specific jobs. Go to the university website not to miss the announcements.
  • Student Unions normally need many workers to help them complete numerous administrative, promotion tasks, do the job in the sphere of IT, etc. You can either find an advertisement or ask the Student Union about any vacancies directly.

Off-campus Employment

Often, students are employed in the sphere of retail and hospitality. Available positions are advertised online, either on job sites or directly on the employers’ websites.

However simple the job may seem, there is going to be a competition. If you have no experience, it might be difficult for you to receive the advertised position. In this case, the opportunities at a hidden job market are a more viable option. In hospitality sector, it is easier for students to secure a position by approaching the employer or asking friends for referrals.

If you have no or very little work experience, you can find a job at:

  • Major retail companies which have many outlets
  • Large companies which offer catering services to big events
  • Significant events, e.g. Grand prix, Australia Open or famous venues, such as Victorian Racing Club

In addition, students can try tutoring. You can be a private tutor or work with small groups. Students can also find employment at call centers, office administration or reception. All positions can be advertised on the websites or job-search sites, but it’s better to approach employers directly or use your network.

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