Why You Should Avoid Black Fridays

Why You Should Avoid Black Fridays

Since 1952, Black Friday has been shaking the American population to the core. The retailing tradition has become so popular that it burst out of the limits of North American continent and spread across the whole world, losing its origin but preciously preserving the purpose. Every year dedicated shoppers wait for Black Friday with a throb in their heart and a decent sum of money in their pockets ready to be spent on various bargains. But how much do you actually save buying things on Black Friday? And should you do it in the first place at all? Read an opinion of an experienced retail worker, and maybe it will change your perception of Black Fridays.

My career in the retailing business began at the age of 18. Starting from a sales manager, I slowly but surely climbed the career ladder and eventually managed to reach the position of a director having 150 shops under my control.

As you can imagine, I had to learn a lot of things to obtain that place, and one of the most important lessons was about holiday seasons. It’s a generally known truth that all stores profit the most in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Little do you know, though, is that up to 40% of store’s yearly income can fall on this period. Do simple math and you see that those businesses that don’t offer discounts during the holiday season will be under a risk of losing almost half of their profit. That’s why every store will do their utmost to attract as many clients as possible.

That’s when Black Fridays step in the game. The staff of every store starts working on the plan for this period months in advance. We’ll hold meetings, brainstorm offers and “exclusive one-time deals”, create discounts and basically come up with any tricks that will make customers queue in front of our door 10 hours before the opening.

And here’s the science behind Black Fridays – they are definitely a helping aid but not for middle-class families and single parents hunting for Christmas presents for their children; they are an aid for retail business who are seeking to gain those 40% of annual income. To do that, they play with your feelings, put you under pressure, make you feel like you’re missing out on incredible deals if you don’t camp in front of a store at 3 a.m. and step over people fallen at the entrance.

What you need to know is that the desire to buy a pile of useless stuff on Black Friday just because it’s cheap is only a result of manipulation. In fact, you will spend a lot more on buying a whole bunch of meaningless stuff than you would on buying a few valuable things any other time of the year.

So instead of following the crowd instinct, spend this time with a lot more joy for you and your family. Stay with your nearest and dearest and save yourself some money and nerve cells.

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