Working while Being a Student

Working while Being a Student

Many Americans begin their careers while they are studying in college. About 40% of students start working before graduation. This is very good, as, in addition to invaluable life experience, young people have an opportunity to earn money and be financially independent from their parents. Students who have a job can learn many helpful things that will be useful not only in their future careers but also in everyday life. Of course, work during study has disadvantages, but there are more advantages, nevertheless. Here are the most important things that you will face if you decide to work during college.

Special Features of Work while Studying in College


Any work is a new life experience. The earlier people start working, the more experience, knowledge, and skills they will have. This is a very big advantage for each student. After graduating from college, your resume will not be empty and it will be a lucky argument to take you to a more serious and highly paid job. If you want to use your knowledge for your career, you should search for a position that suits your specialty.

Proper Time Planning

This topic will always be relevant for adults and children, and especially for students who usually have so many things to do. The work will make you recheck your schedule and use the time rationally. Many people just kill their free time playing computer games or lying on the couch. Working students do not have a lot of free time, so they will try to use every minute with the benefit.

Money Management

The work will bring you financial independence. The first earnings, as usual, are small. On one hand, this is a minus, because surviving with a small income is difficult, but on the other hand, this will teach you how to manage your money properly and how to plan your costs. For example, before buying coffee in a cafe or new clothes, you will reflect and realize that these are not the most necessary things in your life. It is better to invest earned money in the future, pay for studying in college and not to spend it, but to postpone for times to come.

Disadvantages of Working while Studying

Such work has one major drawback – it takes a lot of time and effort. Because of this, students are often much overloaded and they have very little time for their personal life, rest and hobbies. However, at the same time, many employers understand that the main goal in a student's life is to get an education, that is why they are very lenient to such workers, and allow working part-time and give additional days off.

No one says that making money for yourself being a student is the easiest task to manage, of course, it may be difficult but anyway, this is a unique opportunity to become more independent and learn many useful things for life. Therefore, do not be afraid, you need to try to work. It will bring many benefits for you.

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