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«Analysis of Resources with Information Regarding Services for Dealing with Substance Use»

Although, the substance abuse has spread in epidemic proportions among people, quite little is known about critical elements of the effective treatment of the substance abuse to people who are affected. Various authors discuss common research about the treatment of substance abuse and they review features of trans-theoretical model of the change, which is formed on the view that change of behavior is a longitudinal process which consists of several stages.

Whether the Source is an Acknowledged Authority on Resources

Three sources are sources whose rights, content and particular status is unmistakable. They have constantly tried to provide a wide national leadership regarding identification, diagnosis and even treatment of substance use and the most vital issues of disorders in children and adolescents. An example is a related organization that has been discussed, The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) found at Boston Children's Hospital, a well-known organization which is staffed by developmental-behavioral pediatricians who are not only trained, but also licensed independent social workers and psychiatrists (Hospital, 2005).

Whether the Source Provides Detailed Information about Services and Professionals Involved in Services

Apparently, the source has been successful in spelling out how to deal with children who have been adversely affected by the substance use, clearly explaining about the availability of experts who have been trained on how to help. Advisers tend to be of more importance considering the fact that they advise on how one ought to manage young adolescents who have engaged themselves in substance taking, and how they should seek treatment for ones who are already addicted. Indeed, this is a quite crucial aspect regarding involvement of professions and how they have played a main role in the provision of direct and indirect services to substance use victims. The source has further tried to give a clear explanation regarding how experts and advisers can connect victims at hand may be parents who have had similar experiences with their own children, and sometimes the direct victims themselves. (Stephens, 2010).

The Type of Information is There on Requirements for Accessing Services

Regarding the information about how to access services for dealing with substance use, there are various strategies that have been put forward to cater for the same. One is that most organizations have their own websites and everything regarding customer care has been spelled out there. Actually, some of them go to an extend of giving out the individual doctors’ contacts like email addresses, and this immensely helps many patients be able to have the doctor’s care even for some crucial services like the first aid. Also, websites tend to give out directions on where the treatment centers are situated, in case a patient decides to visit them. Organizations also have mobile doctors who move out to various places even in other countries, hence extending their services.

Information About the Number and Type of People Served

Beyond all doubts, this is the area where by information has flooded and has indeed been given in details. It is worth noting that these are also profit making institutions and they truly work hard, in an attempt to show their performance prowess, with regards to their best services. Most case examples describe patients who present their issues and go ahead to offer their background information in most cases being adolescent’s personal history, family, cultural context or even peer group. Related centers normally receive large numbers of mentioned clients per year (Network, 2010).  

The Sponsor of the Website

The website is sponsored by Autism Language Program (ALP). ALP is at Boston’s Children’s’ Hospital and it is a program that has been purposely meant for children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder be able and communicate to learn more effectively. In this case, all forms of communication tend to be considered, spoken, written, sign and visual. Those children who visit this program are evaluated, and finally, their families are provided with a communication plan with specific recommendations tailored to the particular child’s interests and needs. Usually, this entails suggestions for both home and school.

An Opinion whether the Available Service is Adequate for Treating Needs of the Group to be Served Explaining Why or Why not

In order for one to finally judge about whether services have satisfactorily met needs of the information seeker, it is of immense importance for one to be keen on considering the feedback of most clients. Apparently, the feedback seems to be positive and quite insignificant number of clients does not praise services. However, most clients talk kindlyof the same services and hence, services have been adequate to meet needs of the related group.

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Other Professionals who Might Need to be Involved in the Service Setting to Make the Service More Effective

It would be truly of significant help if organizations involved many psychologists in their strategies to give out services. Apparently, some of the substance use victims may have some other hidden issues as to how and why they chose their particular lifestyle. This would help in handling the problem from the grass root level, and it would be quite effective if thoroughly employed.

Particular goals of the presentation include the following; clear comprehension regarding results of child and adolescent substance abuse when it is a question of development and behavior of the young people; comprehending the existing relationship between the child and adolescent substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders. This would come along with learning about strategies to assess and treat ones affected by the substance use.



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