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«Before Your Eyes»

Question A1

This semester we watched the Turkish film, “Before Your Eyes”.  The main characters are two children who have been orphaned when their parents are shot to death by a death squad.  What is the resulting dilemma, and are their problems solved by film’s end? 

The film depicts two children Gulistan and her brother Firat. They both live in Kurdistan. Their misery started when their parents were shot by gunmen. Indeed, their parents were killed before their very eyes. Therefore, they were deeply traumatized in addition to the fact they are orphaned at a tender age.

The dilemma in the movie is seen when Gulistan meets Dilara who was a part time escort at a hotel.  As she accompanied her to the hotel, one day she is shocked upon realization that Dilara’s client was responsible for the murder of their parents. Thus, she resolves to revenge for the death of her parents. At the end, revenge does not provide solution to their problems. Indeed, the plan for revenge implies that she has to concentrate on devising a plan for the intended action instead of thinking about her future. Although their problems are not over by the end of the film, the two children are trying to make their own life without having anyone to take care of their life. Their focus and determination is a sign of success in their later stage in life.

Question B3

In class we discussed the auteur theory or film authorship.  What is the advantage of such a critical approach?  Provide examples of both who is an auteur director and what makes them so special. 

Auteur theory is a film making approach where the film maker is viewed as the main force involved in the creation. This implies that the director has the capacity to oversee the main elements involved in the film such as audios and visuals. Some of these elements include: lighting, camera angle and placement, length of the scene among other related vital elements. Therefore, auteur director is very special as he is involved in the overall making of the film. Moreover, the director is able to detect mistakes as well as link all the ideas together to make the film more effective.

In this case, the director becomes the author of the entire film. Moreover, auteur director helps to improve film status or identification making it more focused (Bordwell and Thompson 381). Therefore, the approach of auteur director avoids cases of disputed identification due to straightforwardness of the auteur director who is greatly involved in the making of the film.



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