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«Feature Analysis Paragraph»

Neural activity occurs every time an individual sets eyes on an object. Once the eyes view objects, sensations are sent to the brain. The brain codes these and uses prior knowledge to make a decision, which is transmitted to other body parts. Discrimination helps in differentiating objects. When viewing the same letters, differentiating them goes down to minor details such as size, inversion, etc. However, in differentiating various letters, the cognitive demons are employed as distinct features are used to draw the differences. Similarly, feature overlap may derail making responses. This is because observers take time to be sure about the features seen. Specifically, the observers move to other features of objects to confirm the identity of objects.

When using feature analysis emphasis is on three main aspects. If reference is made to identifying letter B, focus is on the unique defining features of the letter. The pandemonium model has several layers or classes of detectors that were called demons in early models such as the Selfridge Model. The first feature is the feature demons, which helps in detecting basic attributes of stimulus such as acute angel, horizontal lines, etc. Cognitive demons, which is the second feature is useful when particular configurations of given features are present. For example, H has one horizontal line and two vertical lines. The third feature is the decision demon, which plays a role in selecting preferences.

Researchers use neural activity to understand reality. Neural activity underlies how brains form short-term memories that are useful in making decisions. Object discrimination is the ability to draw a distinction between two objects. Feature detectors are those attributes found in objects that help observers to form an opinion on what they are. Feature overlap occurs where some attributes have more than one meaning or some features are present in different objects. Distinctive features are those aspects that show the difference between or among objects. On the converse, feature similarity reflects those aspects that are common between or among objects.



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