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«Home Energy Audit»

Energy Audit

The energy audit important questions and answers are given as under.

Appliances Equipment

Clothes Washer : Yes; Number of refrigerators : 1 Refrigerator; Water heater - year purchased : See efficiency value; Water heater - Tank Size : 40; Water heater - Fuel : Natural Gas; Heating equipment - Type : No Heating Equipment; Heating equipment - Year purchased : Do not know / Default; Cooling equipment - Type : Room air conditioner; Cooling equipment - Year Purchased : 2008; Thermal distribution - Duct Location : Conditioned space; Thermal distribution - Ducts Insulated : Yes; Thermal distribution - Boiler pipe insulation : No/Don't Know;


There are no suggested improvements on heating as there is no current heating arrangement in the house. Then, it suggests that we use CFLs in high-use fixtures of indoor lights. These are compact fluorescent lamps. This is a good suggestion and we should upgrade these 10 lights to replace the current bulbs with energy-savers. Then, it is also suggesting that we upgrade our current clothes washer. However, it is clear that right now we do not have the finances to upgrade the clothes washer as it is doing fine. Accordingly, we might change it once it becomes old or not work properly. Then, we will buy one which has 1.42 of MEF (Modified Energy Factor) and 9.5 of WF (Water Factor).

It also suggests that we upgrade our current water heater at a cost of $49. The new one will have an EF (Energy Factor) of 0.62. This seems a cheap deal. Therefore, we might as well replace the old water heater.

Additionally, it suggests moving to a gas-based clothes dryer instead of the current electric clothes dryer. This will come at a cost of $85. However, our current electric clothes dryer is built in the clothes washing machine. Furthermore, we are in no need of replacing the washing machine. Accordingly, right now we also cannot change the electric clothes dryer in the machine to use a gas clothes dryer.

Finally, it suggests that the room air-conditioner should have an EER of 10.7. This upgrade will come only at an additional cost of $11. The savings will be $63. Therefore, this suggestion is viable and we may as well upgrade the air-conditioner. It also suggests upgrading the roof to give it a solar reflectance of 0.5. This can be easily done in only $22 (HES, 2013).



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