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«Mcdonalds vs Tiffanys Restaurants»


Any kind of inexpensive food, such as hamburgers or fried potatoes, which prepared and served quickly, is called fast-food. As the matter of fact, the main advantage of fast-foods is the ability to prepare and serve convenience meal in short time. These facts attract people who hurry up or have limited time to feed themselves. There are many reasons why people visit fast-foods. However, the most popular are disability to cook at home, the fast-food’s meal is chip, it tastes good, the fast-food restaurants are available everywhere. Moreover, the meal in fast-foods is prepared quickly. People like comfort. That is why they visit fast-food restaurants. The term fast-food is typically referred to the food prepared and sold in a store or restaurant with precooked ingredients. On average, fast-food is served to the customers in packaged form. Evidently, there are exceptions, as well. The fast-foods are considered to be some-kinds of snack bars, which deals with unhealthy meal. However, this fact does not make people afraid of overweightness and attract more than 45 million people all over the world every day.  The other name for fast-food restaurants is quickly service restaurants. They are majorly located in kiosks or places, which do not provide shelters or seats for clients.

Full-service restaurant is an establishment, in which clients are served with their meal. Admittedly, customers are sitting at the table, get waitress service, and pay at the end of the meal, typically. The full-service restaurants are considered to be luxury places, where tasty and expensive meal is. It is possible to spend leisure there. In addition, the food in full-service restaurants is prepared with fresh products, while clients are waiting for it. Good service of full-service restaurants is their characteristic. 

This essay compares Mc’Donald’s fast food and Tiffany’s full-service restaurants. Mc’Donald’s is described on picture the 2. Tuffany’s restaurant can be seen at picture the 1.

Comparing these two types of restaurants it is compulsory to note that each of them has its own particularities. Mc’Donald’s has created and organized interesting attraction for children. The workers give balloons for babies. A clown plays with all little visitors. The Mc’Donald’s provides different marketing programs to make people visit them again and again. Speaking about Tiffany’s restaurants, the main attractive element is that it is old and worldwide known brand. It has its own history and creates its own culture. Many families have tradition to have Sunday’s breakfast at Tiffany’s. As for positive and negative aspects of overall service of these restaurants, it can be said that both of two try to attract new clients with the best service, fresh ideas, and tasty meal. Either Mc’Donald’s or Tiffany’s restaurants are interesting and attractive for clients. They sale fresh and tasty food. However, the negative aspect of Mc’Donald’s is the fact that there are always many people there. Therefore, looking for a quick meal, one must wait in turn a lot of time. The negative aspect of the Tiffany’s restaurants is that it is not always available. Sometimes, it turns out to be a problem to order the table there. Such inconveniences have negative impact on clients’ perception.

Speaking about decoration, it is seen that bright colors, lights, and simple shapes are used in Mc’Donald’s restaurants. Such decoration is able to inspire clients and bring them in good mood. The smell in Mc’Donald’s is unforgettable, as well. The easy atmosphere of activity is presented in Mc’Donald’s restaurants. Tiffany’s restaurants have luxury service and décor. As it is seen from the sample-picture (2), designers used royal colours and design. Big, weighty furniture made of leather, mirrors, and wooden tables make visitors feel specially. Dark lights create intimate atmosphere and make general atmosphere in the restaurant pleasant and relaxable.

Each of the brands uses other aspects of physical evidence to attract clients. The decoration of the hall, meal and general atmosphere are dominant for restaurant business. Moreover, it is popular to use the servicescape as a differentiator nowadays. Both restaurants deal with their own positioning strategy. Doing so they try to appeal to their target segments on the market and facilitate service delivery. The strategy of Mc’Donald’s is to be available for customers 24 hours 7 days a week. It is possible to buy Mc’Donald’s food not getting out of car. Tiffany’s restaurants invite star chiefs. In addition they provide extremely reasonable prices for high quality meal, rest, and service. The Tiffany’s restaurants are favorable either for family or personal leisure. The delivery service works well either at Mc’Donald’s or Tiffany’s. So, one can easily enjoy good meal at home.

Both, Mc’Donald’s and Tiffany’s restaurants use physical evidence to enhance the customer’s experience and to facilitate service delivery. Admittedly, high attendance shows that people like visit these restaurants. The ability to make services and goods easy available for clients means that restaurants deal with high quality management strategies. It will be good for both brands to create some new ideas to keep clients interested in their restaurants. It can be children shows in Mc’Donald’s. Tiffany’s restaurants can impress clients with new dishes or drinks. 



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