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«Object Analysis»

Marcel Breuer folding armchair was one of the most remarkable innovations of the late 1920s. It was made from nickel and tabular steel frame. The steel was coated with nickel. In addition, leather and fabric belts as well as Cora black straps at the back of the chair were used for upholstery. The designer chose these materials for various reasons. Firstly, tabular steel is strong to withstand any weight. Secondly, nickel coating prevents rusting as well as makes the chair look presentable and elegant. On the other hand, the armchair was also made with a help of a machine. This design was possible due to availability of steel as well as technology to make seamless steel tubing. Machines were used to make this object although handwork also played a significant role.

The texture of the object’s surface is smooth. This is because it is made of black leather straps. They are used to form the surface where one sits as well as where one leans on. Its size is big enough to accommodate any individual who uses the chair. Regarding the object’s design, the black color is more pronounced due to the use of black straps. However, there use of nickel coated steel provides a different color to the object.

This 1927 model has gone through various modifications in terms of materials used. Therefore, one can conclude that the object can be further improved in several ways. Modern chairs have evolved from this Breuer version. In addition to the improvements made on the object, some printed materials have been collected. They give information on the modifications of this model, people and institutions involved as well as the technological advancement.

The central method used in making this chair was the tubing of steel. The object represents Marcel Breuer who initially made this design. His decoration tells a story of people and the level of technology of his time. Looking at the object, one can easily note that Breuer used creativity to come up with this model. As a result, it has been adopted by other people such as Kandinsky who greatly admired this design. This object can be used in numerous ways. It has been used over years as a chair although remarkable improvement has been made to it. Its use started in the late 1920’s when it was first designed by Breuer. Notably, it was used by many people in different places such as offices. Moreover, it was suitable for outdoor use since it was made from stainless steel.

The object tells us about the lifestyle of people and the time when it was first used. Since an armchair is made from steel, it is easy to conclude that at that time people were able to make steel as well as manufacture related products such as steel tabular which could make a chair. Moreover, people were already using chairs, which made the designer to develop this improved version of a chair. At the same time, people were able to use technology in manufacturing products such as tabular steel, nickel, and black leather straps among others. The object is related to other items we use today. This version of an arm chair is also used today. Despite the improvements that have been made in its material composition, chairs that were made thereafter were a reflection of this object.

Several questions can be asked about this 1927 innovation by Marcel Breuer. Firstly, I would like to know more about the object. I would like to know what materials and techniques were used to make leather straps stick to the nickel coated steel. Was the technology of drilling holes used in making this chair? Nevertheless, these questions can be answered easily since a number of resources exist such as books and Internet sources, which can give detailed information about various innovations.

In conclusion, this object represents a model of a chair from which most modern chairs have been derived. It shows high level of creativity of the designer since it can be folded. Therefore, it was suitable for both office and outdoor use.



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