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«Political Class Discussion»
  1. Al-Qaeda recruit their members by using media and propaganda: the promise of reward to the jihadist’s family and soul purification in the afterlife to martyr, the religious beliefs and the historical background of jihadists, the manipulation of human spiritual duty to dehumanize the enemy and isolate the target, the formation of group thinking, and putting pressure on a person in order to make them feel guilt.
  2. The prime motivation of radical Islamists is to return Muslims to the fundamentals of their religion which are recorded in the Quran. Muslims’ overall goal is to undermine the Western civilizations and to disseminate Mohammedanism in the world. Muslims are fighting with non- Muslim World in order to circulate Sharia law amongst the nonbelievers. However, the Western world does not want to accept this law and accuses Muslims of gender discrimination, unconventional punishments for offences and violation of human democratic rights. Nowadays the Western world has modernized the views on Islam. Currently, Muslims who live in democratic European countries and the USA do not strictly follow all of the laws of the Quran. Therefore, they have become the biggest enemies for radical Islamists.
  3. A hostage incident involves taking a person captive for tangible reasons. The person can be deliberately held with substantive goals, such as a reward, transportation, or release of political prisoners. A non-hostage situation involves capturing a person for intangible reasons. When that happens, the subject can take a person hostage due to a nervous breakdown, feelings of anger or jealousy. For instance, a man can hold in his wife on purpose as a penance for further divorce or separation.
  4. Time is defined as the crisis negotiator’s greatest leverage, as it helps to decrease the levels of stress and emotional exhaustion. If people have more time, they can collaborate and understand their tasks better. However, lack of time in a crisis incident is a disadvantage, as the hastiness of thoughts can lead to undesirable consequences, such as eventual death of people or even war.



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