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«Week 2 Assignments»

The article Polls Underline Stubborn Splits in 3 Key States can be related to certain concepts presented in the book Women and the American Experience: A Concise History by Woloch (2006).

The article notes that republicans have been taking advantage of the weakening state of the economy to drive the wedge between the president Obama and women voters during the recent campaigns. Indeed, Mr. Romney is trying to peel off as many female voters as possible from the Obama’s coalition. In this case, Romney hopes to take advantage of both single and non-white women votes with the promise of economic security as well as solution to issues related to pocketbooks. On the other hand, Obama seeks to keep Romney with votes from the working class only. Therefore, it is evident that the two presidential candidates view women’s votes to have significant influence on the final results. As it was stated earlier, they are struggling to appeal to both white and non-white women by making promises. This is a similar scenario in the book where women have been historically used to put men in office. Notably, since the women were granted suffrage in the United States, candidates have always targeted women’s votes giving them certain promises (Woloch, 2006). For example, the message about economic security to women is not guaranteed. The importance of women suffrage is also evident from the book where Elizabeth Cady states that “Our "pathway" is straight to the ballot box, with no variableness nor shadow of turning...We demand in the Reconstruction suffrage for all the citizens of the Republic. I would not talk of Negroes or women, but of citizens” (Woloch, 2006).

The article also highlights some of the most stubborn divisions that may arise in this year’s presidential elections among the two preferred presidential candidates. As a result, there have emerged two voting groups in the major states that are highly contested. These two groups involve the middle income earners and the rich. Some people argue that Mitt Romney will assist the rich to get richer at the expense of the poor. These divisions have persisted in states that have the majority of voters and who have the power to influence the final results. However, the intense effort being put by the two campaigning groups may play a vital role in altering the balance between the voting groups. Similar cases are also reflected in Woloch’s book where politicians have historically used legal institutions to create divisions between the public in order to acquire political offices (Woloch, 2006). She shows a picture of how women have been suppressed since the eighteenth century until they fought for their suffrage rights.

The article also shows that the two presidential candidates are targeting votes from battleground states. For example, the poll shows that Mr. Obama has already gained the attention of women in these states while Mr. Romney is still gunning effort to penetrate these states. Unlike the rich states, people in battleground areas are the major focus of politicians where they declare their manifestos some of which are never met or are too hard to accomplish (Woloch, 2006). The book also shows similar situations where politicians target votes from the poor and the middle income earners who include the immigrants, black, Japanese and Indian women among other minority groups in America. Since the end of the 18th century, when most states had granted women suffrage, women have always played a critical role in determining the winner of presidential elections (Boyer, 2010). Indeed, the polls suggest that Mr. Romney is increasingly gaining the attention of women in Colorado while president Obama has been able to retain his support among women in battleground states (Woloch, 2006). As a result, Obama has been able maintain a considerable amount of support among men and women in hotly contested states.

In conclusion, the article underscores some of the important concepts that are related to the book. This entails the women suffrage, campaigns, and the messages that accompany the campaigns in hotly contested states just as it has been in other case in the history that concern women.



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