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The article “Speaker Chase: Who’s Next?” by Robert Costa (2015) discusses the chaos within the House of Representatives caused by the fact that they cannot find the candidate for the speaker’s position.  The reason for this problem was the announcement made by Kevin McCarthy, where he stated that the House of Representatives needed new faces and, for that reason, he decided to quit the race.

The situation depicted is quite complex because the McCarthy has explained his quitting by the necessity to get new faces into the party. However, the main problem is that Republicans currently try to solve serious fiscal matters, and a change of the Speaker is a great shock. Currently, McCarthy has left people without experienced candidates, and the whole situation started resembling slapstick.

The analysis of the article undermines the theory and regulations related to the choice of the Speaker of the House. Currently, the Republicans are shocked by the speed and dramatism of this situation. The speaker’s contests became wide open. However, such treatment is irresponsible. It is especially so today, when the U.S. faces serious financial issues and needs a person to cope with them. According to the law, the Speaker of the House is the third highest elected individual. This person becomes a president if anything happens to President and vice president. It means that this individual should be aware of how to rule the country, and McCarthy has left the country with lesser-known jokers, striving to get power.

The article reveals one of the most essential problems of modern Congress. Today, the politicians think more about political intrigues and leadership battles than about their primary objectives: creating laws aimed at providing security to the country’s citizens. This problem is the marked difference between the reality and the theory presented in the textbook. Thus, the article definitely undermines the theories represented by the political scientists because it shows the politics in practice. In reality, it turns out that political intrigues are more essential to the policymakers than the well-being of the country. Although almost all the theoretical sources depict the situation as it “should be”, this article reveals the politics “as it is.” According to the theory, currently, the most essential thing is to choose the Speaker quickly, and start considering the situation with raising the borrowing limit to continue paying the bills on time.

As it was already mentioned, the article by Robert Costa depicts the current reality in its true way. The author emphasizes that the choice of the Speaker of the House has turned into slapstick. This assumption can be supported by the fact the current situation manifests the lack of Party Unity. According to the regulations of the Congress, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is an individual able to recognize and resolve disputes and oversee the roll-call votes. It has to be an experienced person, devoted to politics and the country. The responsibilities of the Speaker are complex as this person should preside over meetings of the House, appoint members, schedule the legislation, decide the points of order, and refer to the bills and resolutions. This individual should have control over the communication channels of the House. This position demands skills, abilities, and knowledge while McCarthy has manifested incertitude and certain irresponsibility regarding the matter of concern.

Today’s choice of the Speaker has become the process searching for new faces. However, the historical insight shows that the Speakers of the House were persons who made groundbreaking decisions. Politicians are obliged to pay attention to the practical side of the issue. Otherwise, Congress and its structure will be turned into a reality show, marked by intrigues and machinations. Such things undermine human respect in politicians.

Today, when the faith of the Americans into the governing authority slowly fades, the Congress and the House of Representatives, in particular, should take all the possible measures to change the situation. Instead of it, they turn the situation within the House of Representatives into chaos.



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