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«Music Critique»

Nowadays, classical music is one of the most popular types of music in the world. Its lasting history is considered to be an integral factor that influenced its formation. Furthermore, classical music is believed to be the basis for all types of music. Consequently, more and more people started following the classical music and viewing it as a standard. There are many classical music concerts conducted throughout the world. Contemporary performers are eager to follow the ideas of their predecessors. They want to perform in accordance with the former composers. The reason is that the founders of the classical music considered it an important component of human life. Thus, they tried to show its beauty to everyone. Consequently, there are many young performers who try to deliver the beauty of music to the modern society. Daniil Trifonov is the one who manages to do it perfectly.

Initially, Daniil Trifonov was considered to be a remarkable composer and pianist. He was born in Russia, but soon he became famous throughout the world. One may state that the piano and Daniil are two inseparable things. His ability to perform works of famous composers is known to everybody. Actually, he has an innate talent for music, which is the major reason why he has become popular among the composers. Daniil won a great variety of competitions. The most popular one is the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition (Biography). Taking into account the fact that Daniil is a marvelous pianist, one may state that he can easily perform the most complicated works. A bright example can be his performance of twelve transcendental etudes, which he performed in Lyon in 2015 (Biography). The work was created by Franz Liszt, a prominent Hungarian composer, who lived and worked in the 19th century. His works are considered to be the most complicated. The reason is hidden in the technique. Liszt’s works consist of different movements following one another. The pianist who tries to perform them has to be technically advanced and experienced. Daniil is the best performer of Franz’s Liszt works.

It is important to mention that etudes are considered to be complicated to perform. They are comprised of inseparable pieces, which interact one with another. Consequently, it is important to perform every etude in the right order, which is an integral part of the whole work. Franz Liszt divided his work into twelve pieces. Every piece is unique and has its own meaning. The example can be the fourth etude Mazeppa. Initially, this was the most difficult etude. It represents the picture of the Ukrainian king. It shows the power of the crowned king “Mazeppa” who was the famous Ukrainian Cossack hetman. The tempo of the etude is very fast. It helps to identify that this type of etude is significant. Furthermore, this etude provokes sadness as well as excitement. The performer tries to show tension at the beginning of the etude and then to express relief as well. While listening to the whole etude, one may state that the pieces are totally different. In particular, some etudes are energetic and positive, while the others are dull and negative. This is a technique that helps to grasp listeners’ attention. One the one hand, the rhythm is very fast, but on the other hand, the tempo is a little bit slow.

Another important thing to mention is the way of performance. Daniil manages to behave in accordance with the works. He plays not only professionally but also emotionally. During his performance, all emotions are visible on his face. It seems as if he is absorbed into the music he performs. Furthermore, one can notice the shifts of mood during the performance. When Daniil performs energetic etude, he is in great uplifting mood. Nevertheless, when he pays such an etude as Mazeppa, he is mainly concentrated on the performance and is slightly intense. Furthermore, his whole body “works” during the performance. His body movements and mimics express his enthusiasm and involvement in the performance. By playing in such a way, Daniil is able to grasp attention of the audience. He focuses on the division between energetic and slow etudes.

It is absolutely true that piano is the best musical instrument to perform Franz Liszt’s works as it is possible to make smooth transitions from one etude to another. Thus, one is able to concentrate on every element of the whole work. Taking into account the aforementioned information, it should be mentioned that the whole work is a masterpiece. I enjoyed the etudes which expressed tension. The fourth etude makes me feel excited and focused as well. It evokes the feeling of power. Speaking about the tempo, it is fast and energetic. By introducing the uplifting etudes, the composer prepares listeners to more emotionally sophisticated works. The performer’s manner helps to reach this objective in every manner. Nevertheless, there is one thing that I did not enjoy at all. It is a pessimistic motif of the etudes. On the one hand, they make listeners think and be deeply overwhelmed by the performance. On the other hand, they make people fell dull and depressed.

In conclusion, classical music is the most popular kind of music which enables to get satisfaction from listening to it. Consequently, many modern composers try to transfer the initial aim of the classical music to listeners. Daniil Trifonov is the one who manages to do it perfectly. He is one of the most talented composers and pianists in the modern world. His performance of twelve transcendental etudes composed by Franz Liszt is considered to be a manifestation of his talent.



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