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«Environmental Scanning»


Environmental scan is a collection of data that is aimed at gathering information about market external and internal environments. It is used by managers as a monitoring tool. This mode of planning is done in respect to the issues such as product launch. Scanning is performed with respect to the companies review by conducting a survey. Environmental scan is used to outcompete other companies offering the same service and, also, as a way of avoiding costly mistakes and missed opportunities. Information is obtained during environmental scan is vital as data become useless if not delivered to the right department in a company.

Internal and External Environmental Scanning

Nokia Company

The Nokia is a telecommunication company, which conducts its services internationally. It also produces various services and products that include software, commercial services, and consumer electronics. Nokia main products are Lumia and Asha. Nokia environmental scanning of the internal and external environments was a trial to ration the impact of the products to the organization’s environment. Environmental scanning has enabled the company to monitor their products in different environments. The internal environment of Nokia is dynamic, creative, and fast-paced, but due to the environmental scan, the human resource has become part of Nokia brand being produced. Employee’s involvement in innovation makes the organization be productive, hence increasing the company’s income. Environmental scan has enabled the company to develop corporate culture, which promoted company values and supported the brand image, hence delighting the company clients with broad technology and hope to get new products. Internal environment also ensures that the strength will enable it to succeed through making the company capital always available and maintaining low debt (Steinbock, 2010). The external environmental scanning has enabled it to be a technology industry and continuously mark the success of innovating products, which enabled it to enter different markets. Environmental scan has promoted the consumer to company communication directly. Nokia has concentrated on selling the business itself as a way of helping customers to decide what to purchase from the company next time. As a result of this mode, the company highlighted the products of their competitors as a way of outcompeting them with their lower price. 

Samsung Group

Samsung is a telecommunication company manufacturing products such as Galaxy Tap S10.5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Environmental scanning is what has made the company achieve a recognizable standard. It has also encouraged a continuous program as a way of encouraging their customers in every way of their product manufacturing process. Environmental scan has enabled the company to provide its service to different customers in different areas by purchasing from stores, online sources and providing shipping services,. There are different environmental factors that affect the company: economic, technological, institutional environments, political, social, and competitive advantage of markets; these have been analyzed through environmental scanning. The company products are durable, available at different stores and online (Macintyre, 2002). Environmental scanning of the company has improved to the highest competitive position. The company has been recognized to have intermediary, distributors., and channel in making services and products with different prices based on the change of the product underwent on its life cycle. The company environmental lifecycle assessment assures their customers in environmentally conscious business.

Advantages of Environmental Scan

Nokia company is enjoying the advantages of furthering and selling its products and services through strategic environmental scan. It has enabled Nokia to improve their software which is recognized and accessible by the customers worldwide. The strategy of the company that have been implemented and developed to concentrate on international growth enabled it to locate new markets (Steinbock, 2010). Through expansion of the global market, with the presences of foreign countries enabled the company to enjoy mobile technology markets, where clients need handheld devices. Scanning has enabled the organization to identify possible influences from outside that can affect their business.

Samsung Group. Environmental scanning has led to the manufacturing of durable products, hence customer’s needs were met leading to an increase in selling since most of the customers require durable products. The strategy of providing its services and products online from different stores and provision of shipment has encouraged most of the clients to buy their products. The company is expanding fast due to the daily increase of product sales (Macintyre, 2002). Company strategies of selling online and in various stores have enabled the Group to enjoy the competitive position in the market.

Strategies Applied by Each Company

Nokia company applies different strategies, which include concentration in premium price strategy and others. Samsung Group is using different strategies in serving its customers, including product promotion through different companies such as Best Buy (Steinbock, 2010). Samsung has also applied an effective research and marketing mix. The company committed itself in producing quality computer systems, which provide latest relevant technology of the highest quality.



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