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«Individual Project 2»

Starting own business is always a very responsible and serious step that requires much effort, knowledge, skills and, the most important, talent. If an individual has an idea to start a company, he or she should watch the video titled How great leaders inspire action. The author of the speech perfectly explains what a really good leader should do in order to achieve such success that world giants of business had. As an example, he presents Apple Corporation since this company is extremely lucrative both in the national and world market (Sinek, 2010). I find this video particularly useful since I want to start a company of my own as well.

I love pets, and I am interested in the pet industry; the specific spheres I would like to work in are doggie daycare, boarding, and training type facility. Therefore, launching a company, I will focus on the above-mentioned aspects of the pet industry. My production–distribution chain will look in the following way. The first stage of the chain will be the primary manufacturers that are necessary since they produce the raw material that will be needed for further work. The next stage will be presented by the manufacturing process of my company. At this stage, the company will use the produced raw materials in order to create goods, for instance, some facilities for dogs training. The last step in my production-distribution chain will be the process of selling the product to the consumer. This stage actually comprises the distribution process which includes advertising campaigns and various marketing strategies that are necessary for becoming a competitive company with products that meet customers´ needs and demands.

For my business, I decided to work with suppliers who are available on the Internet. As for me, it is much more comfortable to make orders through the Internet than in any other way. Among such companies, I have found Alibaba and Global Sources. Both of these suppliers are located in Vietnam, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, and China; however, they work with all countries worldwide (Sandlin & Kimball, 2009). Regarding the location of my company, I am sure my head office will be situated in Texas. I believe it to be an ideal place for my company because in this area, there are lots of pets. Thus, I reckon that Texas needs to have a similar company that will help people to take care of their domestic animals. Ideally, I want my company to be located somewhere near a farm area so that the people who need it most could reach my service easily and quickly. However, later, I will open some subsidiary agencies in other states and cities of the country.

My “why” for choosing this very business can be easily explained: it is my love and sympathy to animals. I am a proud doggie parent and my pet, which is also now a retired service animal, helped me in so many ways. Unfortunately, many people are not fair to animals and treat them in horrible and unacceptable ways. However, I believe that all creatures on the planet were created in order to live in harmony and help each other. Pets should not be underestimated as they constantly help people; for instance, they lick our wounds, and, as a result, they heal faster. Besides, many pets become service animals and work for people; to illustrate, dogs work with policemen. Moreover, people use animals with the purpose of entertaining others in the circus and zoos.

Consequently, animals deserve being treated properly, especially dogs, which are the most loyal animals in the world. While pets make the lives of humans easier in various ways, there is no one who desires to help them. In fact, pets need much more than people usually think; being domesticated, animals are not wild anymore, and thus, they need special care. I sometimes see how pet owners beat their pets for misbehavior or breaking something, but that is too cruel. I sincerely believe that pets, such as dogs, should be trained, and I choose to produce dogs training facility in order to stop cruel treatment towards them. If people spend some time and money on their pets, they will see how obedient and gentle their domestic animals can be.

Regarding the business´ “why”, one can state that it is to provide a facility that is veteran-owned and operated that assists in providing boarding services, regular obedience training and service animal training. Basically, this business attempts to help not only pets, but also their owners because most people either are not able to train their pets themselves or do not have enough time to do it. Regarding various dog training companies and agencies, one can state that they need this business since it provides them with all necessary facility that is needed for training domestic animals. To summarize, such business as production of dog training facility is useful for pets, their owners and dog training companies.

In order to get to know more about the business area I want to enter, I have searched the Internet for useful and interesting information. As a result, I have found some similar businesses, which are Dogtopia, Mars Petcare Inc., and Petsmart. Dogtopia is a company that has won an award; the company provides such services as dog daycare, overnight boarding and even spa services for dogs. The company positions itself as a perfect service organization that pays special attention to every client. This company even utilizes web-cameras in order to let their clients see how their dogs perform during the training day (Dogtopia, 2015). I think that this company is not only my competitor, but a potential client since my enterprise can provide it with the necessary facility.



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