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«International Human Resource»

Offshore investment is one of the strategies employed by multinational companies to cut tax burden, enjoy less regulations, and realize high returns on capital invested. Among other considerations to make are the human resources of the country where offshore investment. To manage these funds, there is a need for qualified, experienced, and skillful bankers, stock exchange managers and trustees

Among the top offshore countries, India ranks highest ranks highest to invest in due to its attractive human resource. One of the attractive factors is the cost of acquiring and maintaining employees. According to Sodhi (1996), India has the fastest growing population in the world. There are plenty of trained personnel representing the middle class looking for jobs not demanding high salaries and wages as reported by Edelson (2008). India has many reputable training institutions producing qualified people to work in the service, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. There is no need of looking for qualified staff in other countries. The country is also the leading entrepreneurial hotbeds globally coming up with discoveries and innovations. An investor cannot go wrong when creative people handle his or her wealth.

Companies in India uphold ethical practices of conducting business. Unlike many European and American countries, Indian companies have reported few cases of money laundering and corruption activities. The virtue of high integrity in normal working culture, developing codes of conduct, and values are some of the defining (Thite & Russell, 2009). The country is the largest democracy in the world with peaceful transition from one government to another. Recent development of India support industry is another reason for investing there. Banking industry, insurance, health, deep stock markets, and strong government financial systems are available offering high quality services at low costs.

Investing in offshore markets has its pros and cons. To decrease the risk of losing your wealth through investing in loss making ventures or money laundering, it is imperative to choose a country with high human resource reputation. Considering this, India ranks highest with highly trained, available, and low-cost human resource.



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