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«Winsome Manufacturing Company Meeting Report»


Recently, Winsome Manufacturing Company had a quarterly meeting whereby the head of marketing described a new product to be introduced into the market. The new commodity is to be launched in the opening quarter of the subsequently fiscal year, which is roughly nine months from now. The product will be a room-sized plastic storage item appropriate to the outside of the house. The storage item is similar to a competitor’s goods although the Winsome ware will have more features. The company has organized an opening project initiation conference whose outcome will be the identification of the project sponsor, selection of the project manager and creation of a project charter. The report will help prepare for the meeting by addressing certain issues about the project as discussed.


Winsome is a manufacturing company that deals with the production of plastics storage containers that it sold to consumers. The firm recently had a quarterly meeting where the leader of the marketing branch of the company described a new ware that it wants to introduce into the market. The organization has a plan to start manufacturing room-sized plastic storage units.

Company’s stakeholders are people interested in the project carried out by the Winsome. They can be classified into two groups, the internal and external ones. The internal stakeholders include the organizational top management, department managers and other employees of the company. The external ones in this case are the product customers, and the general public who have the concern with the quality, size and shape of the room-sized plastic storage. The internal stakeholders will be involved in decision making on the cost of the product, materials used, ways of marketing the product among other reasons (Ller, 2009).

The sponsor of this project should be the Winsome Manufacturing Company; this is because the firm has the required resources in carrying out the understated project. The company through its various functions can be able to coordinate various activities such as purchase of materials needed for the production (Lock, 2007).

There are four main project life cycles; these stages include; initiation of the project, project organizing, definition and planning, project execution and closure (Lock, 2007). In the initial stage, the project manager should be able to make a detailed project plan and excellent communication skills to help him socialize with the other staff. In the second phase, the project manager should be able to define the best-skilled project staff and identify the best consultants. Furthermore, he should be able to develop, maintain the project plan, as well as monitoring project initiation.
During the third phase, the client starts to develop the project by managing coordination between the project staff and working groups engaged in the process. In the last stage, the production manager should be able to consult with outside stakeholders. That will serve the reason for determining whether the project is fit for completion, and calling other stakeholders to launch the project (Kerzner, 2001).

The project communication plan should be one that has the capability of meeting the information needs of the project plan as well as the project stakeholders. The communication plan should be able to define the project structure, methods of information gathering, screening, as well as its formatting of the project plan. Additionally, it should facilitate links among individuals associated with the project, ideas and all information essential for the accomplishment of the project. Moreover, the communication plan should be simple and easy to understand and carry out (Kerzner, 2001).

The stakeholders should be provided with information such as a detailed project plan and its life cycles, the ways of carrying out and implementing the project. They should also have information such as the names of the working staff of the project, their contacts, the budget estimate of the project, and features of the new product. The management should also provide the stakeholders with information on the project designs, production designs, warehousing, storage methods used, product promotion, sales, and marketing (Hiegel, 2006).

The budget should contain estimates that reflect the actual value of the project. The manager has to explain that information to the stakeholders through the word of mouth, samples and other detailed materials. The project administrator will need to make certain that he provides information on the progress of the process on a daily basis. That will be for the purpose of providing making thing clear as well as ensuring that errors are collected in time.

Communication technologies that should be used include; use of email address, short message service, video conferencing and other chat services such as the use of Skype (Campbell, 2009). The intercourse techniques should be selected depending on the needs of the project. Communication about the project should become ethical and legal during the initial stages of the project. It ensures proper planning and implementation of the project. Communication is a critical issue and should be used well as it will ensure the success of the project. The project charter has three main elements which comprise its definition, objectives of the project, the project scope, and project schedule (Campbell, 2009).

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Individuals involved in these business opportunities will be earning an income from their participation.  The business case for undertaking the project is to create a new project foundation for adding on existing products, and generate new products. A financial impact is a cost or profit loss that an organization accrues from a particular practice. If the project is properly completed, the business will be able to generate income through sales of the room-sized storage units. Through proper project development, sales and marketing, the company will derive more profits.

The project stakeholders expect to earn income once it is completed. The revenue will be used in post- project development of the product. The product is expected to have more features than existing products of its competitors. The project will open new market foundation for Winsome Manufacturing Company as well as do away with the problem of materials storage.


The management should properly analyze the project and ensure they wisely select the project team. That will assist the company in ensuring proper and successful implementation of the project. The firm should institute proper communication channels towards ensuring that all parties concerned with the project development are well informed during the process.



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