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Without any doubt, the 21th century society has faced a new problem concerning abortion. The scientists have argued about the adherence of abortion legislation to moral rules, religious beliefs, and civil rights. Historically, the first recollection of abortion dates back to the ancient times, when herbal medicine was the prime method of aborticide. Until the 19th century, there was no ban on abortion. The Great Britain was the first country to establish an antiabortion law in 1803. The United States of America and many other countries followed England and in about half a century, abortion became illegal. Starting from 1973, the national legalization on abortion has reached the divergence in views whether to proscribe abortion or to increase the access to this procedure. Undoubtedly, the argument about abortion became a very controversial subject in the last few decades (Feder 5).

First of all, the most heated debate about this dilemma was seen in different religions and their views on that issue. For instance, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Protestantism consider abortion as a murder, since nobody has a right to kill the embryo. The supporter of abortion ban, Colin Harte (16) pointed out that humans should show solidarity to the unborn child, since it has a soul that tightly connects with God. To the contrary, Randy Alcorn (32) indicates that annually, 14000 abortions are performed due to the incest. In this case, this scientist speculates that abortion is the only way not to give a birth of a rapist’s child and to reduce further nervous breakdowns of the violated woman (Alcorn 33).

Secondly, the debates about the adoption of abortion are evident amidst medical professionals. According to Pike, if a woman has abortion in her first pregnancy, the risk of having breast cancer can be increased up to 2.4 times (Condado). Moreover, a psychology professor David Fergussen noticed that a woman who has a past history of abortion may have psychological disorders, such as aggression and mental exhaustion, and tend to perform mercy killing, or to have drug and alcohol abuse (“New Research Supports Abortion-Mental Health Risk Claims”). To counterbalance it, some scholars have pointed out that in the 21th century society has developed a variety of fully-fledged medical equipment that considerably decreases the level of infertility and serious diseases. Furthermore, some doctors have advised to end the pregnancy in case a woman is suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, since these infections can be genetically transmitted to the baby.

Additionally, other causes that women state to be reasonable for a child murdering are poor financial conditions, unemployment, or difficult working conditions. However, the opponents of abortion speculate that there is no excuse of ending the life of pre-born child, since the main task of the mothers is to protect the vulnerable human life in spite of any financial difficulties. Moreover, the government highly supports the families with needs. To the contrary, the supporters of abortion claim that this procedure is worthy, when the mother has financial problems. According to the statistics, 1.29 causes of abortion were performed in the USA in 2002. Some scholars have indicated that today’s generation is dramatically undergoing degradation, since young families are afraid of taking care of the child. For instance, according to American Adoptions website, the parents should spend around $1000 – $2000 monthly. However, these data do not include the extra consumption on clothing, day care, diapers, first aid supplies, and hygiene products. Looking at this statistics, the future mothers may think that it will be much cheaper to do abortion than die without any financial support (Condado).

All in all, in modern world, the debate concerning abortion is a heated subject due to different opinions amongst the scholars and the masses of people who have their own school of thoughts regarding this perplexing issue. According to the system of legislation, there is no restriction regarding abortion, while everybody has an inevitable right to choose either to give a birth to the child or end its life. The stark reality indicates that many families around the globe are infertile and wait impatiently for having a baby, while somebody is mercilessly killing their progeny. In this case, it is highly recommended to think twice before taking rash actions.



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