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Despite Ms. A. being healthy, her fall in energy levels and lack of enthusiasm show that she has some anemic condition that has be addressed. Her laboratory values of microcytic and hypochromic cells show clearly that her red blood cells are small in size and do not have the required amounts of hemoglobin required to facilitate enough supply of oxygen in her body. It is likely that Ms. A. is suffering from aplastic anemia. This is the reason her conditions seem to worsen during her menses when she has to lose larger amounts of blood from her body. According to Lee (2006), aplastic anemia involves the suppression of red blood cells and stem cell toxicity that may be caused by one’s exposure to drugs and chemicals. It is clear that Ms. A. has been taking various drugs such as aspirin to avoid stiffness during her menstruation. The reason why she became light-headed while playing golf in a high mountainous course is that high altitudes normally have low oxygen levels. As a result, her low hemoglobin levels due to the small size of her red blood cells meant that her body did not have the right supply of oxygen.

For a healthy person, the hematocrit level which entails the percentage of red blood cells in the blood is supposed to be 45%. However, her 32% level is too low to facilitate good bodily functioning. Aplastic anemia is often characterized by shortness in breath and seems to worsen with time. As Davey (2012), this type of anemia is common among adolescents and young adults and may be inherited or contracted through exposure to toxins such as pesticides, radiation and other diseases such as hepatitis. Ideally, aplastic anemia involves the failure of the bone marrow to produce enough blood cells meaning that Ms. A. has to seek medication and have blood and marrow stem cells transplant. Her elevation in both heart and respiratory rates was meant to increase the level of oxygen being supplied into her body due to the low hemoglobin count. This disorder is often dangerous for sports people especially athletes who may have their careers endangered by the failure of their bodies to adjust effectively with regard to the specific environments tournaments are held. Aplastic anemia cannot be addressed by having athletes go to high altitude levels earlier to have their bodies produce additional red blood cells for the provision of enough oxygen. This is why Ms. A. had to be taken to an emergency clinic to attain some medical attention.

Aplastic anemia is one of most disturbing forms of haemopoietic disorders (CIBA Foundation Symposium, 2009). The fact that it occurs as a result of toxic exposure and the incapacity of the blood marrow to produce enough red blood cells makes it severe and likely to derail the desire of individuals to flourish in sports activities. Whenever the body has enough oxygen supply, individuals normally have the required energy to have all body parts function effectively and cause the enthusiasm that encourages people to overcome various challenges. The aspects of fatigue and short breath that are associated with aplastic anemia make people unease and unwilling to go on with their normal routines. The problem of this condition is that as Ms. A. argues, she thought taking various drugs during her menses was enough since her body appeared healthy and devoid of any additional disorders. It is therefore necessary for an individual suffering from this disorder to seek medication.



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