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«Diseases and Conditions Case Studies»

It is apparent that Mr. P. is having serious heart complications. It is his cardiomyopathy disorder that has led to the swelling and hardening of his heart muscles meaning that blood can no longer flow with the required pulses. Mr. P. may risk a heart failure if a proper medical attention is not considered owing to the fact that his congestive heart failure situation has made it difficult for other body organs to receive the right amounts of blood necessary for appropriate functioning of the body. Basing on his condition, the right approach to care would include the move by physicians to identify the extent of his cardiomyopathy problem through a thorough diagnosis so that his past medical record may be determined. According to the Cleveland Clinic (2013), it is important for doctors to identify the extent of the diseases before measures are initiated to stop it from getting worse. This approach also involves the establishment of Mr. P’s lifestyle to determine whether he has been taking drugs such as alcohol since it is one of the reasons the condition may worsen especially when it is accompanied by the failure to maintain his diet restrictions. It should also be determined whether he has been using the already administered medications as prescribed.

The treatment plan for Mr. P’s heart disorders would include visiting a good hospital whereby he may be given the right medicine required to reduce his blood pressure together with the heart rate. This is the reason Mr. P. has found it difficult to take all the medications recommended to him by his physician. Stibich (2010) maintains that the failure to take medicinal drugs as prescribed may lead to the worsening of a certain disorder especially when the functioning of one medicine requires the others. His wife should inform the physicians whenever the medicines given do not show any signs of recuperating his already deteriorated health conditions. In any case his heart conditions deteriorate to an extent whereby he can hardly breathe; Mr. P. may undergo a heart surgery or transplant to minimize the urge of having to consume additional funds in his medications when it is apparent that no changes are being observed. They may choose to incur much cost at a go and have his heart problems addressed properly since the risk of a heart failure may lead to his death.

It is necessary to provide both the patient and his family with some education regarding the need to stick to both diet and medication restrictions if one is willing to recover from any bodily disorders. The method of attaining this would include holding some counseling sessions they visit the hospital so that all family members may help the patient in his recovery by ensuring that the directions given by the physician are adhered to. The rationale here is to make sure that both the patient and his wife understand what sorts of lifestyle have to be changed for the wellbeing of his health. This would help him stop any habits of drug use and take his medication seriously. According to Kulick (2013), a congestive heart failure leads to a situation whereby the heart cannot supply the amount of blood necessary to provide various body tissues with the right amounts of oxygen. The right teaching plan is to set some specific time intervals through which Mr. P. and his wife have to visit the hospital for check-up so that they may be provided with additional information on how to keep healthy. They may also be provided with specific booklets or magazines that give directions on how heart complications need to be dealt with.



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