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«Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Occupations»

From the extract above, the doctor is in a position to save the patient by only using the Fresh Frozen Plasma. However, the use of blood products to treat patients is against the religious beliefs of the patient. At this stage, what mainly matters first is the health of the patient. The current situation at hand is not that comforting given that the patient is running out of white blood cells and is suffering from a very serious disease. Since this is the only option at hand, it is advisable that the assistant take the step and save the sick lady (Aiken, 2008).

The ethical issue at hand is that the religion that the lady comes from does not agree with the use of blood and blood related products to treat patients. This is taken seriously by the members of this religion and it would be against the wishes of the lady.

The matter at hand is about treating the lady and improving her immunity. This will probably save the lady’s life.

At the moment, this is the only best alternative that the doctor has to offer in order to increase the immunity system in the lady’s blood flow. The other option would be to ignore the doctor’s orders, and this maybe may lead to the death of the lady (Aiken, 2008).

The dilemma of values; is human life more important than the religious beliefs of the individual? According to me, human value is of more importance.

There may be no consequences if the assistant does not reveal that the medicine is a blood product, but in the event he does it may bring about the issue of religion. This may be long term or short term depending on the depth of belief by the lady in her religion.

Based on the above argument, it would be fairer to try and consider that it is of more importance to save the life of the lady rather than considering what her religious beliefs are. Life is of more importance than the beliefs (Aiken, 2008).



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