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«Legal Protections»

One of the major reasons why workers join unions rests on the need for protection against unjust and unfair discipline and attitude of employers. As a matter of practice, stewards handle disciplinary cases ranging from warnings to suspensions (EU Information for Workers, n.d.). Sometimes stewards encounter challenging issues such as dealing with employees who would engage in unacceptable behavior to get themselves fired. Despite this establishment, the law offers protection against employees being exposed to improper disciplinary measures or unfair causes or reasons. In this regard, employees should be given warnings in advance regarding the consequences of their conduct. For instance, an employee who drinks should be told the consequences of doing so at the workplace. Orders issued to an employee should be equally related to efficiency and safety at the workplace. It is also necessary that the person in charge should conduct investigations before administering disciplinary measures.

The workers of the Hyatt Regency have a right to carry out activities that are within the set standards in the industry. This view emerges based on the realisation that the workers were forced to do almost double work as compared to their colleagues in the industry. Equally, workers have a legal protection to report issues affecting them to the relevant authorities. As such, denying the workers the opportunity to report injuries is violation of their rights.

Root of the Problem

The issue at the Hyatt Regency revolves around a complaint filed by the housekeepers across eight cities (Green Lodging News, 2010). Apparently, the case is about injuries sustained at the workplace. The multi-city filing facility seems to be central in the problems that the workers are facing. Another finding reflects that the issues of hazards in the industry have remained unregulated for a long time. Moreover, the hazards in the sector have remained invisible. Due to the inability to detect the problems, the issue has been slowly progressing through the performance of repetitive tasks. Consequently, long-term debilitating injuries have emerged. Another disturbing realization is that the case at the facility takes racial as well as sex dimension. The realization that more women, who also happen to be Hispanic, are injured augments the assertion. The Hyatt Regency seems bent on overworking the employees since they do more work than what industry regulations depict. The workers are also denied their rights as workers.

Is this a Safety Issue or a Labor Relations Issue?

The issue presented in the case has both safety and labor dimension. Safety issues border on the welfare of workers at their place of work. On the other hand, labor concerns encompass all aspects that workers encounter at the workplace. For instance, safety concerns are issues that a labor movement would address. As such, in the case under review, workers got injured while discharging their duties. This issue touches on the welfare of the workers as well as the working conditions. The two aspects reflect that the Hyatt Regency has a safety issue to tackle. As already emphasized, a safety aspect is equally an issue that relates to labor relations.

The issue of discrimination based on race and sex is more of a labor concern than of safety. This is because the Hyatt Regency seems to discriminate against females and Hispanics at the work place. Maybe seeking the services of unions would help in redressing the situation, although the Hyatt Regency administration should address this issue before it gets out of control.

Do All Luxury Motels Have Similar Issues?

Based on the case under review, almost each player in the industry has the same concerns. However, the case reflects that the Hyatt Regency had the highest rate of injuries. With results showing that the Hyatt Regency had twice higher rates than the lowest injury prone facility, it seems that more needs to be done to correct the anomalies. This emerges based on the establishment that the Hyatt Regency assigns almost double responsibilities to workers, an aspect that contravenes industry standards. Issues of race and sex discrimination emerge in the case of Hyatt Regency. Although there is no ample evidence to suggest that other hotel facilities have similar problems, such concerns remain persistent. This view holds since the females are mostly the preferred hotel workers. Additionally, females from poor backgrounds are the ones who occupy such roles.

Actions to Resolve this Issue

The first issue revolves around standardizing the workload. The fact that at the Hyatt Regency workers do twice as much work as other employees of similar positions do is unacceptable. Workers should also be encouraged to report the injuries they encounter instead of instilling fear in them with an aim of deterring them from seeking corrective measures. Measures to reduce physical activities should be equally encouraged. In this regard, lifting facilities should be installed in the Hyatt Regency to assist in moving heavy loads. Experts should be asked to conduct examinations to ensure that workers are doing the acceptable amounts of work. Additionally, the experts should ensure that special equipment and machinery that carry heavy loads are in place. Thus, the Hyatt Regency should ensure that all the industry standards are met.



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