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«Stakeholders - Case Study»

Relevant market stakeholders are those parties who are likely to affect market performance of an organization or industry. The relationship between the organization and its relevant stakeholders should be favorable to facilitate smooth operations. On the other hand, there are none-market stakeholders who plays a secondly role. SunCal plans to buy land and build low economy houses to offer accommodation to Walt Disney Company workers. Walt Disney Company workers are in support of the plan due to the rising cost of housing in the nearby town. The establishment of new houses would save the workers commuter fee and enjoy reduced rent. Disney Company was against the plan stating that the land was meant for expansion. In addition, Destiny stated that if one developer is allowed to construct these houses several others would be tempted. The Coalition to Defend and Protect Anaheim was formed and played a significant role to ensure that the proposal by SunCal was adapted. None market players in this case include Custodians at the park and restaurant attendants who are not directly involved in SunCal’s plan.

There are three solutions that might be used to settle disputes in this case. Disney Company is a stable and successful company in its operations; its employees should be offered benefits which will assist in reducing this cost of living. For example, employees should be given a higher housing allowance to assist paying for apartments in the city. In addition, free transport to employees to areas near current their home will reduce their cost of commuting. Secondly, SunCal should only be allowed to construct houses for staff members’ accommodation to avoid additional developers to claim the right to develop the remaining land. Alternatively, the solution by one of council members should be applied where the company is advice to look for a land elsewhere and build cheap houses for its employees. This is a possibility bearing in mind that the company is financially stable while its market is growing which implies that its going-concern is relatively strong.



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