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The interdisciplinary studies program, which I have undertaken has prepared me both professionally and academically. I was resolute to take this program since I never wanted to be limited to the specialization in one area. Consequently, I needed several disciplinary departments or professional schools so that I would graduate as a broad-minded individual. The bachelors’ degree that I would finally receive would be well-rounded and thus, providing me with the opportunity to engage in various social sciences. This prepared me for the job market, which is very competitive. Using the skills that I have obtained, I will have an advantage in getting a job, because there are employers who require diversity in the skills they look for among the job applicants. As a result, I did not wish to be frustrated later on when it comes to finding a job, because it would mean that taking up the course in college turned to be unbeneficial. On the other hand, the program also prepared me for advanced studies. I have better chances of undertaking several courses as a way of advancing my career. There are students who may be limited, because they just focused on one field when doing their undergraduate programs. I never wished to experience such limitations. Therefore, I now have a choice of an extensive range of programs to undertake since I have a preliminary knowledge on what is entailed in the various courses.

I required a course, which would ultimately equip me with the essential knowledge in several rewarding topics like human beings studies, their social behavior and organizations, as well as their biological and physical environments. I learnt all this during my interdisciplinary studies since I would not be able to get that knowledge in one social science discipline. On the other hand, I found the course to be very enriching both professionally and academically since it comprises of disciplines that complement and modify the various existing theoretical perspectives and the findings that other scholars embrace.

Professionally, the interdisciplinary studies program assisted me to develop specialized skills in research methodology, problem analysis, and critical thinking. The program also combined the knowledge from different spheres in imaginative ways, which will have several applications in my professional career. Moreover, the skills will also be applicable in my advanced study. I also believe that thanks to this program, I gained the skills that are required for enhancing a positive working relationship with my bosses as well as work colleagues. This is because of the numerous and diversified interactions I had when undertaking this course. I had to learn how to deal with people with various personality types and insights. There were occasions when I was required to exercise patience, respect, and control when dealing with others. Through the discussions we had in the course of the program, I learnt that sometimes, conflicts can arise because of different opinions and desires. Consequently, all these prepared me for the future working scenarios where one has to be focused, exercise respect, and learn to be understanding.

The course required the students to work hard mastering the various concepts presented in each of the discipline. I made sacrifices and dedicated some of my leisure time to serious study and consultations with my professors. Consequently, I attained high grades. This will enhance my future career advancement. Moreover, it also prepared me professionally since there will still be a need for hard work, passion, and commitment. On the other hand, even within the professional field, I may at times be expected to work extra time, which will need to sacrifice some leisure activities. The course was very insightful, and I have not regretted having chosen the program.



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