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«Family Health Assessment and Wellness Diagnoses»

Marjory Gordon has developed the 11 Gordon Functional Health Patterns, a method that nurses use to conduct a comprehensive nursing assessment of the patient, the family, and the community. It contains 11 categories that nurses use as a systematic and a standard approach to data collection. Additionally, using these patterns, nurses can come up with NANDA nursing diagnoses because the diagnoses are based on these 11 Functional Health Patterns. Therefore, the data collected is not haphazard but comprehensive and complete. Using these data, nurses can come up with the holistic care that aims to improve patient outcome. This paper provides a summary of the holistic assessment findings of a five-member family and three nursing diagnoses for the household.


The assessed family was a five-member family consisting of the father, the mother, two daughters, and one son. The father, who is obese, is 47 years old, old and the mother is 45 years old. The eldest daughter is 19, her sister is 17, and the son is 12. The family lives in the neighborhood where the hospital located; therefore, accessing them has been was easy. Through interaction with the mother, they agreed to be assessed.

Values, Health, and Perception

The family is in a good state of health apart from the father who has a BMI of 36 and mild hypertension. Mild hypertension has often been associated with obesity (Health and Social Care Information Center, 2015) and poor health. Therefore, the father has sought the advice of the doctor. There is no evidence of chronic illnesses in the family. At the same time, the history of smoking and alcohol consumption is also negative.


The family reported of eating a balanced diet. All the family members have seen the adverse effects of obesity in their father, and they strictly follow a moderate fat and high protein diet with low carbohydrate. This kind of a diet has been found to treat and prevent obesity (Makris & Foster, 2011), thus prompting the family members to embrace it. All family members had no problems with appetite.


No family member had a problem with sleeping. When they were homeless, the father had various challenges with sleeping. He could stay awake the whole night. However, when they found a home, all members reported having a normal sleep pattern.


There was no abnormality in the bowel elimination pattern in all family members. However, the mother had recurrent burning micturition three years ago. This condition is common among females (Pradhan et al., 2013) but it is treatable. Currently, no family member complains about the elimination pattern, which indicates a good state of health in the household. The frequency and character of elimination were normal, including bladder control.

Activity/ Exercise

All family members have an appropriate level of activity, except the obese father. However, the father attends the nearest gym to lose weight. Other family members are involved in some form of activity at regular intervals. Apart from the father, who has problems with mobility, the rest of the household members have no difficulties in carrying out activities of daily living.


Through interaction with the family, all members demonstrated the ability to solve their problems and make decisions. They had proved it when the daughter ran away from home but eventually returned and solved issues with her father. Now, their relationship is good. Despite being homeless, the parents stayed together because they understood the problems of each other. They also knew that satisfaction in a marriage comes when both partners can agree with each other (Ahmadi, Nabipoor, Kimiaee, & Afzali, 2010).

Sensory perception

All family members had no problem with sensory functions. However, no family member also mentioned visiting the doctor for regular checkups. Therefore, they are at risk for developing problems in this area if they do not exercise caution.


All family members had a high level of self-perception from the assessment. They knew the problems that faced each member in the household. They had also studied the character traits of each member in the family. Such an awareness among themselves had led to the cohesion of the family.

Role Relationship

All family members knew the roles that each needed to play in the family. The parents knew that it was their role to motivate their children in achieving their best in academics (Usher & Kober, 2012), and therefore, they provided all the necessary support in their children education. Every family member helps each other in achieving their goals.


No problem was detected in the sexuality patterns of the family under assessment. The children were unable to disclose their sexual life in front of their parents and later, they told me that they used protection whenever they had sex. No member of the family had sexually transmitted diseases or any abnormality regarding the sexuality-reproductive pattern.

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The family proved to possess an aptitude for coping. When they became homeless, the family stayed together despite the various challenges they had gone through. Being Christians, they reported relying on prayers to solve all their problems. No member of the family abuses any drug to cope with serious challenges.

Wellness Diagnoses

Readiness for Enhanced Family Coping

The father had lost a job, and the income of the mother could not sustain the family. The children, who were in school, also presented financial demands on the family. The family could not cope; consequently, they lost their house. Six months later, the father found a job and he was able to afford a house. All the family members are satisfied with their current home.

Potential for Enhanced Capability for Healthy Lifestyle

The father follows a workout routine as advised by the gym instructor. He has also adopted a healthy diet for the family. All family members are aware of the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle.



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