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«Why People Exercise»


Several effects arise from the exercises that people undertake. They positively impact various body parts as well as general functioning of the organism. The effects of training and exercising are categorized into two groups, namely immediate effects and effects attributed to regular and consistent training.

Various sources such as the BBC Healthwatch have taken into consideration the effects of training to be dependent on how the exercise are conducted. It is acknowledged that instructors should ensure that an individual achieves his maximum potential benefit that can be derived from the regular training.

Therefore, the effects of training contribute to the maintenance of a normal functioning of the body.

Effect Number One: Bones, Joints, and Muscles

There are immediate effects experienced by an individual after exercising for the first time. These effects include the increase in temperature of the muscles and the frequent contraction of muscles. Increase in temperature is caused by the body energy used during exercise. Regular training has such effects as the increase in the size of muscles. It may come with pain for the first times of exercise. Further, constant exercise enhances stability in the joints, muscles become flexible, and bones — strong. It is proved that most people who have lived up to the old age exercised regularly during their youth years.

Effect Number Two: Cardiovascular System

Exercises also strengthen cardiovascular system. The main areas influenced by exercise include heart rate, hit capacity, cardiac productivity, blood flow, blood density, and lifeblood. Usually, persons who do not exercise regularly may experience problems with their heartbeats. The general heart rate increases as a result of exercising. An increase in heartbeat rate, in turn, influences the functioning of blood vessels. The pores of the blood vessels that are located near the skin open and release heat. When all these body organs function exemplary, an exercising person hence remains healthy and lives without common ailments. When a person exercises regularly, there is a reduced risk of one developing a heart disease. The strength and size of the heart muscles enables an adequate pumping of blood in the body. On the other hand, exercising influences the quantity of blood emitted per beat from the leftward ventricle. Higher stroke volume allows a proper flow of blood hence healthy body. Exercise also has an impact on the amount of blood pumped by the heart. The vascular system can redistribute blood to body tissues with the greatest demand during exercising. In this regard, raining minimizes the chance occurrence of the diseases such as heart attacks, heart failure, breathing problems, and many others.

Effect Number Three: Respiratory System

The immediate effects derived from the first exercising include the increase in the breathing rate. The respiratory system consists of nasal cavity, lungs, and diaphragm. For better functioning of the body, the breathing system should move oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from physiques and muscles. Exercises influence oxygen transportation in the body. To deal with the accumulative oxygen burdens from the functioning muscles, supplementary oxygen must be conveyed over the blood vessels. Throug exercises, the sensitive nerve arouses the veins to yield more blood to the heart. This blood is transporting carbon dioxide from the physiques and can upturn the overall stroke capacity of the heart by 40 percent. During rest time, the respiratory rate is about 14 breaths per minute, but with constant exercise, it can increase to 32 breaths per minute. Every person needs constant breathing to ensure proper functioning of the respiratory system. Regular exercises guarantee greater vial capacity volume.

Recommendation, Suggestion, and Prediction

The human body is a configuration of innumerable tissues, organs, muscles, and cells. Frequent exercising guarantees that a human organism functions properly. Exercises improve the health of an individual. According to the scientists, the body organs need regular exercise for proper functioning. It is recommended that persons exercise on a daily basis. Some of the suggested exercises include walking, running, home exercising, jogging, skipping rope, and visiting the gym. Most people have busy lives, which may not allow them to exercise on a regular basis. In such cases, the use of stairs instead of lifts and walking to work instead of taking a bus may substitute a part of daily exercise. Exercises do not need to take hours, but should be intensive.


Exercising is very important in the life of a human being. It has positive effects, which have positive impacts on the body functions. Exercise should start at the early age in order to ensure long-term impacts. In addition to a great body shape, exercise also helps keep away minor diseases. A person who exercises regularly remains healthy and strong.



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