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«The Great Depression»

The Great Depression left many people without jobs and made African Americans desperate. Due to the racism factor, African Americans suffered more than white Americans. For example, tenant farmers and share croppers had to starve or even leave their lands because they had not any power. New Deal programs were supposed to help those in need, but the aid was given to whites at first, and African Americans were getting less (Hine et al. 485).

The NAACP organization tried to ensure that African Americans would have the same rights as white Americans (Welcome to the NAACP). For instance, John J. Parker was nominated to the Supreme Court, and he openly showed his racist beliefs: “Participation of the Negro in politics is a source of evil and danger to both races” (Hine et al. 486). The NAACP organization made the Senate reject this candidate. There were made efforts to help black people get the same educational rights and be able to vote in the South. White and black teachers were getting different salaries, and black and white students – different studentships. There were also no graduate facilities for black students, and some success was achieved only in 1938. Black citizens of the state of Missouri got the possibility to study law in the institution, which was supported by the state (Hine et al. 487).

The WPA was more effective than New Deal programs; there were created five arts programs, which gave jobs to thousands of talented black people. Those people, who belonged to the program of the Historical Records Survey, were collecting stories about the lives of former slaves. There was a black woman, Augusta Savage, who became known in New York because of her works and art schools. Jacob Lawrence, Norman Lewis, Elton Fax, and William Artis were the key Harlem Renaissance artists (Hine et al. 497). In general, black people enriched American culture with their talents.



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