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«The Tuskegee Airmen»

The Tuskegee Airmen are black soldiers who served in Army Air Force during the World War II. In 1943, the first combat mission was conducted by these soldiers against the Italian island. The formation also conducted missions against Germany, France, and the Balkans. The Tuskegee Airmen achieved a lot during the World War II and completed more than 1,500 missions; these black soldiers mastered “the technology of complex machines” (D. Hine, W. Hine, and Harrold 553), and that is why they made a great contribution to the American Army.

When America broadened its roles overseas, African Americans had to fight in the war, and also many black women were working as military nurses. Even in the army, black people faced racism, but they also had the opportunity to benefit from the G. I. Bill (Boundless). They could get tuition allowances and considerable loans to buy a home or a business (D. Hine, W. Hine, and Harrold 556).

The war showed that black and white people can work together, and this has led to the integration of the U.S. military. In 1949, President Harry Truman issued the order about the integration of the Marine Corps; black people began to be trained in the same facilities with white people (D. Hine, W. Hine, and Harrold 545).

The upcoming freedom struggle of black people was inevitable because during the whole period of the war, they were treated unfairly. Many black nurses were not admitted to the army because of their race though they were volunteers. Many black medical professionals could not attend hospitals due to the same reason. G. I. Bill was advantageous for black veterans, but “they never received their fair share of funds and assistance” (D. Hine, W. Hine, and Harrold 556). Two communities had complicated relations; there were fights between them for housing and jobs. In 1943, a very horrible riot took place in Detroit; 25 black people were killed (D. Hine, W. Hine, and Harrold 556). All this laid the groundwork for the struggle to gain the freedom.



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