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«U.S. History Colonies»

Jamestown in Virginia, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth in Massachusetts, Maryland and other colonies, which were formed in the Atlantic seaboard lane of North America, were the result of the development of capitalism in England. Intensively conducted fences led to a large number of tenants, farmers and agricultural workers being driven away from their land.

These people left their homeland for various reasons. Some wanted to get rich, others were fleeing religious persecution, others ran away from justice. They went on a long journey , being ready for hard work and dangerous ordeal. Only the brave, energetic and enterprising people were able to ocercome those troubles. Unusual climatic conditions, unknown sickness, constant clashes with the local Indian population demanded good health and forced them to act together. All this shaped the character of future Americans with such common traits as independence, desire for freedom, the ability to rely on their own strength and commitment to defend their interests.

Basins of the Mississippi and St. Lawrence allow large ships to reach areas of the continent, as far from the coastline as 1000 km. In addition, there was no such  numerous native population, as in the Spanish colonies. The British had to meet with a few tribes, whose core work was hunting. Therefore, the English colonists with their work, and unlike the Spanish, not robbery, built the natural wealth of the new world.

The first English permanent settlement was founded in 1607 at the mouth of the James River (Virginia). Later on, new settlements appeared   north and south along the coast, from Spanish Florida to New England. Each of these colonies formed independently from each other with their access to the sea. The founders of the colonies were initially trading companies that took over the transportation and settlement of colonists, and large property owners which bought or received as a gift the land from the king. Companies and owners appointed by the governor, collected taxes. The settlers enjoy the rights of British citizens.



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