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«Certificates for Teaching English»

TESOL is deciphered in the following way: T stands for Teaching, E stands for English, E stands for Speakers, O stands for other, and L stands for Languages. It also includes TEFL, which means to Teach English as a Foreign Language, and TESL, which signifies English Teaching as a Second Language.

The program of TESOL was created in 1996. From this time forth more than 60,000 instructors have received their certificates. The figures are just unbelievable but they prove that the standards of this association are extremely high and demanding. A very first purpose of the certificate was to provide teachers who are going to teach English as a foreign language with necessary qualification. The process of getting the certificate includes four weeks of a session. In the end of the session it is of vital importance to pass the test which would confirm your qualification.

TEFL is concentrated mostly in those countries where English is deemed to be not broadly used in everyday life, such as China, Brazil, and Russia. The term TESL has a tendency to emphasize the need of people who would use English in their usual lives. It will be an addition to their mother tongue. There is a wide range of countries, for instance, Zambia or India, where English is always used as an official language in business, in mass media, in government. It plays a great role in the sphere of education in colleges and universities, as well as in schools.

These three terms (TESOL, TESL, and TEFL) are extremely popular around the world. Well-qualified teachers of English change their ways of teaching, their materials for teaching, and their classroom activities for teaching in order to provide the best background of learning English for students.

Lots of teachers all over world have found that this is an invaluable certificate qualification. TESOL certificate can give the skills to teach English to people of other nations. It provides a basis for developing personal teaching expertise in a variety of English teaching situations. The demands for teachers with training in TESOL centers are very high. In many areas native speakers are the best choice for classes. As a result, the qualification of TESOL is always accepted in many countries.

The advantage of the course is its flexibility. TESOL is suitable for experienced teachers, as well as for freshers. The program of the course consists of all the essential elements of successful teaching: vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, and challenges that can be faced during the classes. Seminars are included as well since teachers can check their skills and share their experience.

As far as TEFL and TESL are concerned, it is significant to notice that all these programs are focused on teaching, not learning English. You never know whether your future learners would be students or octogenarians, so the program will prepare each teacher to all situations ("one-to-one" or in a group ranging; by telephone or online) and all levels of English. In addition, there are students who want to have specialized classes, like academic English, business English or legal English. Since it does not depend on whether a teacher is a native speaker or not, everybody is equally and successful trained to become a teacher of English language.

Thus, when the test is passed and the certificate is received there is a wide range of choices where to get a job. The most common places in any country would be kindergartens, universities, private or freelance teaching, private language schools, summer camps, charity organizations, and government-sponsored programs. TESOL certificate is a perfect way to the future of your profession.



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