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«Communication Strategy»

This entails the mode and form of relaying information from one place to another or from one level to the other. In this case, the Chef Executive Officer is to explain the happenings in the company to the shareholders. This officer is to report on the status of the company, the future plans and how to ensure they are achieved. Therefore the relevance of a communication strategy that would sound effective in passing the information to the intended group.

Eric Schmidt is said to have been appointed The Chief Executive Officer of Page and Brin. The founders are however said to have remained active as presidents of the company. Their motto is to make the world a better place to live in. as they go about their business of offering internet access to various sites, they have to face a couple of challenges. The issues in the company include; there are constraints on access. The Chinese government limits access to some sites. This, to the Google Company is an act of sabotage which aims at limiting its clients of a variety of internet access and therefore revenue. Each side pulls its direction accusing the other of conspiracies to short change each other. This is a dispute that has made the company contemplate pulling out of the Chinese market notwithstanding the huge income it generates to the company. There therefore is need to embrace diplomacy so as to solve the dispute for harmony to prevail between the two factions. Where peace would be realized between the two, the company would thrive and also accord huge variety to the users or clients of access as they seek whichever material or data they are seeking from the internet.

There is another challenge that Google is facing also, the attack of its infrastructure by hackers and other foreign elements. This has compromised the security of the contents held online. Users no more trust the internet as it seems prone to attacks by hackers. This has therefore cost the company of trust by the clients who consider it an insecure mode. The company fears that the Chinese government could be responsible for such crimes. This again points to the low level of mistrust and co-operation that exists between the government of China and Google Inc. such must be ironed out for a favorable environment to prevail for a healthy business to thrive.

Competition in the market also seems to catch up with Google. Given the number and nature of challenges Google is facing, there now seems to arise a steep challenge from other such service providers. With the challenges facing Google likely to drive it out of China, like the unco-operation from the Chinese government, Google faces a hostile environment in China. This has given another competitor company by the name of, Baidu an upper hand to have a go at Google. This therefore leaves Baidu to establish itself as a monopoly in the service provider industry. This however denies the customers the chance of enjoying the varieties of such service providers. Therefore such preference shown by the government of China towards the other company leaves Google at an unfavorable position to compete with other companies in the market.

From the foregoing, Google seems to be facing some unfavorable challenges which do not augur well for its operations in the Middle East country. Most of the challenges are those involving China, the state against the company, Google. The way forward would be to embrace dialogue and diplomacy so as to iron out the challenges. Once these issues are solved, all the parties would be able to work amicably. The company would also have a favorable environment for doing business and thereby realize their objectives. This therefore is the way that must be followed so as to do away with the existing standoff.

As part of the communication strategy, the Chief Executive Officer would start by recalling the past events, the underlying history of the company as an introduction. He would be expected to state the objectives of the company and how far they have gone in achieving that. The challengers which have been encountered on the process should also be mentioned. This would bring to the fore the status of the company as it goes about its operations. A summary of the remaining portion of acts that needs to be implemented as a predetermined strategy should also be mentioned. By bringing such details to the fore, the shareholders would be made aware of the state of their interests in the company and therefore informed on the happenings in the company. The Chief Executive would conclude by thanking the shareholders for their role in the running of the company. Such a strategy would have passed the necessary information and thereby regarded as effective.

The Chief Executive Officer would need to address the issue of censorship that could occur in the future. The company provides internet services that connect users to various websites for various needs or uses depending on the clients, needs. There exist some regulations from the Chinese Government on some contents which cannot be accessed. Therefore some sites are prohibited. This curtails the variety of material or data that can be accessed by the clients. The relationship between Google Inc and the Chinese authorities seems no to be the best. Each side seems to accuse the other of sabotage. This could lead to sour relations thus causing much censorship on the use of Google as a mode of internet access. Therefore more future censorships are expected on internet access via Google given the level of mistrust exhibited by the two sides to the misunderstanding.

There are also concerns regarding the acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings and its impact on the business in China and elsewhere in the world. By acquiring the Motorola Mobility Holdings, Google will have expanded its client base. The users of the service would have increased thereby increasing the demand for Google products or service. This is therefore a huge investment which must be supported as it would help to improve revenue accruing to Google Inc. this is therefore a decision in the right direction as it improves the access to Google’s services in China and throughout the world. The costs of acquisition and maintenance should be evaluated to gauge the sustainability of such an investment. Where the costs are lower than the income to be generated, the investment then be made as it promises a good return.

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Communication strategy would hereby be effective if it relayed the desired information, the best manner and form possible. This should ensure ease of understanding by the clientele. This would however depend on the goal of relaying the information and the message to be delivered. This should ensure clarity of the message before the desired group. Through such, the strategy would have been effective. This strategy must however include stakeholders, employees and all the important aspects that need to be communicated and passed to the people who are interested in such or whose message is intended for. Communication does not happen, but requires a useful strategy that takes into consideration factors like goals and objectives ,conditions of the environment, what can be done and what cannot be done and operational constraints.



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