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«Dazzling Divas»

Situational Analysis

Dazzling Divas is a ladies handbags and accessories shop established with the aim of providing a wide range of specially designed ladies accessories including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, synthetic  hair extensions, sets, wedding accessories and gift packs. The major competitive edge foreseen for Dazzling Divas is its reliance on Internet marketing and global shipment arrangements, as well as its specialty in unique products to achieve its vision. It is based in the US, New York City, Manhattan area, but looks to do business worldwide. The business targets mostly are the middle level clientele, who are focused on looking and feeling unique, and are not so greatly discouraged by the marginally higher than ordinary pricing for accessories and handbags so long as the quality is indisputably superior as compared to the average in the various markets within the US and overseas. While a significant percentage of merchandise sold in Dazzling Divas is made in the US, imported products also make a large part of the shop’s inventory. This arrangement is specially done to obtain only the top quality standards.

Internal Environment

Dazzling Divas, like any other robust and focused business, is guided by a strong mission and vision in its daily processes.

Mission Statement

To offer unique, high quality beauty accessories for the fashion conscious middle aged ladies in the fashion market with ease and convenience. The quality of both products and services offered in Dazzling Divas are guaranteed.

Vision Statement

To bridge the gap created in the fashion world between the two extremes of enormously expensive designer wear and the ordinary apparel and beauty products manufactured by mass-market companies. While a majority of female customers in the fashion market are willing to pay a little more for unique design and quality, they are financially incapable of purchasing from designer houses and are therefore isolated and stuck with unsatisfactory choices. The vision of Dazzling Divas is to provide a solution to this class conscious customers through offering that unique blend of style, quality and affordability in accessories.

Organizational Structure

Being a small enterprise, Dazzling Divas has a relatively small organizational structure with only three shareholders and five workers.

  • Harold Sharp, founder and co-owner. Sharp is a designer graduate who co-founded the company and acts as its director. He manages the overall administrative roles including design selection and fashion imports.
  • Catherine Day, co-owner, design assistant and operations manager. Day has a fashion and design diploma and is responsible for coordinating local operations such as stock control, customer services management, brand expansion initiatives and human resource management.
  • Michel Motola- financial officer and shareholder. Motola is in charge of accounting and financial records management.
  • Shirley, Bob and Mahony are shop attendants in the retail park located in Manhattan. They handle over the counter customer sales, as well as deliveries within town. They are also responsible for the organization of international shipments through product delivery to mailing companies, as well as transactions oversight.
  • Lucia Hepburn, head of Internet marketing. A sales and marketing diploma graduate, Hepburn leads Internet sales, international orders processing and customer feedback follow-up.
  • Ian Greenspan and Richard Bill- both are IT administrators responsible for maintenance of the firm’s website. They are in charge of web design and presentation, capturing photos and videos of various accessories for display on the firm’s website. They are also responsible for ensuring the website uptime target of 98% is observed.

Corporate Culture

Dazzling Diva as a small enterprise is concerned with individual development and therefore emphasizes the culture individual responsibility. This responsibility lays in whatever capacity through inclusion in decision making and regular discussion of the overall vision and mission of the firm, as well as ways to include everyone in target achievement.  This way it becomes easy to encourage creativity in every role, and targets to retain all the employees (Kotler, 2007). In addition, the firm embraces corporate social responsibility through promoting environmental policies such as responsible waste management and reduction of paper based communication. The firm is a regular participant in community policy activities.

Current Products

Dazzling Divas was started as a local fashion shop which acquired its products from distinguished local designers whose products were within range for the average middle class middle-age lady. Its long-term objective, however, was to upgrade its design range to fairly priced yet superior quality design products. Currently the shop sells necklaces, wrist ware, shoes, handbags, earrings, nail products, hair products, rings and gift packs among other items.


The current major market is the US, including all the states. 30% of sales are over the counter in the outlet. In addition, local deliveries within the US via mail and package services constitute half of the total sales. Internet based international sales contribute 20% of the total annual sales. The company, therefore, already mainly relies on the Internet to make as much as 70% of sales. The major strategic focus for the firm currently is strengthening of its Internet presence through dedicated advertisement, brand enforcement and superior customer service (Kotler, 2007). 



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