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«Eglin AFB, Florida»

Eglin Air Force Base is a United States military base situated approximately three miles southwest of Valpraiso, Florida in Okaloosa County. In this paper, the key resources and critical infrastructure regarding the Air Base are discussed. The main resources and infrastructure in the airbase and their relevancy or use are as hereunder tackled. The base, being with a military orientation, has most of its resources with a military background.

Some of the military armory which constitute the important resources include; FEMA 426/452 which is responsible for identifying and mitigating all the terrorist threats. This machinery therefore plays a vital role in the military activities. FEMA 361 & 543 is charged with the duty of identifying and mitigating floods and any wind hazards. Hence, this assists the Base to identify any threats such as natural calamities as indicated and thereby aid the activities of fostering peace and stability.

FEMA 310 & FEMA 356 identifies and mitigates seismic hazards. Thus, this equips the military with the knowledge concerning vibrations thereby guiding in decision making on matters that may be of concern regarding hazards (Shaw, 2004). Other centers and equipment also constitute the important resources and infrastructure to the military community. The 96th Test Wing is another resource that supports tenant units of the installation with traditional military services. It also includes services like civil engineering, personnel, logistics, communicating, computer, medical and security services. The provision of these, thereby constitute important infrastructure for the base.

The Air Force Test Center in the base is a key infrastructural resource. It is responsible for the development, acquisition, testing, deployment and sustainment of all air-delivered weapons. This is a major duty played by the facility thereby a great infrastructural resource. There is also the Air Armament Center, which aids in research, system management, production, operational performance, technology planning and material identification. This should have laboratories for research.

Other resources include the military officers working in the base. The officers run the operations of the base and make decisions regarding the base activities (Manning, 2005). Other infrastructure is railroads, the nearby airport and the auxiliary fields, which are majorly, used in training of the officers in the base. The major infrastructural facilities therefore, are those with a military background.



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