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«Eglin Air Force Base»

The case study community or the environment of reference in this paper is Eglin Air Force Base. It is located in Florida within Okaloosa County in the United States of America to the southwest of Valparaiso. It is approximately five Kilometers from Valparaiso. This is a military base mostly involved in matters of security and military equipment. In this paper, threats to the community are to be identified before revealing the targets. The subject community being a military base responsible for among other duties; scientific research in military equipment, systems management, operational performance of arms, technology planning, material identification, acquisition of military equipment and coordination of military attacks on enemies, these duties signify the importance and sensitivity of the roles played at the base.

The security that the base is supposed to guarantee is deemed as the biggest challenge or threat to the peaceful existence and carrying of operations at the base. The magnitude of the loss that can be caused by any security breaches means that there exists a challenge of securing the base. The intelligence material contained within the base is also of considerable importance. Hence, keeping of the information must comply with confidentiality expectations. This is to avoid any access by enemies. Its location close to an airport also points to the fact that security cannot be compromised in this locality. Therefore, the biggest threat on this community is attacks by enemy groups like the terrorists.

The target for attacks would be the military equipment and staff. Based on the nature of activities that take place in an airport, it can also be a target for attack by enemy organizations notably, terrorists. The above mentioned issues are seen, as the likely serious threats to the Eglin Air Force Base. Attempts should be made to beef up security and screening of all people and equipment in and around the base so as to eliminate any threats to the security of the base.



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