«Immigration Reform Propaganda: Hidden Goals and Objectives» - Great Essay Sample

«Immigration Reform Propaganda: Hidden Goals and Objectives»

The Essay Objective. In this essay, you will critically analyze the propaganda related to immigration enforcement. Select three sources in a form of prestigious media publications that express a strong opinion on immigration issues. You can use articles that are published in last two years; online sources are acceptable as well. Your essay will employ techniques described in "How to Analyze Propaganda" chapter, subjecting articles of your choice to systematic analysis. I would like to see your essay focusing on propaganda structure, once you have managed to identify it. Regardless of emphasis that your selected publications make on the issue, there are two essential parts of the equation: immigration must be controlled, but there should be a legal way in. Do your sources address these notions in even measure? Which concepts are genuine and which arguments do you find artificial? What could be the ultimate goal(s) of your source articles? Try “reverse-engineering” the propaganda in order to uncover its concepts, structure, and objectives. Present solid arguments to prove your point.

Your Audience. Your readers will represent either conservative camp or those willing to win the U.S. citizenship. They could belong to different age groups and social layers. They will be interested in your analysis mainly because they want to understand immigration policy trends. Your essay will expose powers that really influence immigration-related decisions and shape the reform, if any. Please keep in mind that your audience is well informed about the problem and is adept in spotting misconceptions. You can get their attention by presenting thorough analysis and well-grounded arguments only. Develop your point in a systematic way, sharing the novelty of propaganda methods with your audience.

Writing the Paper:

  1. Study your sources carefully. Mark notions that may bear the propaganda signs described in "How to Analyze Propaganda" chapter. Decide about the essay’s accents and arguments.
  2. Once the propaganda structure is clear, successively explain it in your essay.
  3. Identify the target audience for propaganda in articles you are researching. Try to predict the audience’s reaction patterns.
  4. Reveal the ideology behind the propaganda campaign. Match the ideology with potential reader’s reaction. Does it make sense? It is still not too late to rethink your conclusions.
  5. Describe techniques that are used to incorporate propaganda into your sources.
  6. Each source should be quoted at least twice in the main essay’s body. Avoid bulk and vague quotations. Each quote must prove the point you are developing in the paragraph. One quotation per paragraph makes the best balance.
  7. Your essay should contain summary and conclusion. State the purpose of your work in the summary, briefly describing methods and objectives. Outline and summarize your findings in conclusion, presenting a solid evidence of propaganda you have discovered. Do not simply repeat summary statements in conclusion paragraph; make it look fresh and persuasive.

Style Requirements:

  • Keep using third person point of view in your essay.
  • Your essay should comply with MLA style requirements. Consult a webpage for details: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/
  • Include a reference to the sources you have used in correct MLA format. Pay attention while referencing online sources. Make sure your heading, title, and references are properly formatted and capitalized.
  • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, 2.5 inch margins on all sides.
  • Your complete essay should amount to 1200-1300 words.
  • The volume of the summary and conclusion should not exceed 40% of your essay.
  • You must save your essay in .doc or .rtf MS Word format before uploading it.



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