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«Influences That Create Obstacles»

In order to elucidate on the matter, let us take a real life situation. Justin Smith is a cash rich investor based in the U.S. With his hard work he has accrued a lot of property all over the country. To put the icing on the cake, he has extensively invested in real estate’s business that has earned him respect among his peers. To be precise, he is enjoying a moment of bliss. Some people say that business is like a marriage. It comes with a lot of stupendous stuff, but it does have detestable things too. Smith’s business is no exception. Life is humpy and bumpy. Thus, a man named Ahmed Ali had hired his palatial apartment on a monthly rental fee of 5000$. The tenant was of Arabic nationality and as he stated, he was in the U.S. on a sabbatical and some few business ventures before going back to his homeland.

It is after about a year of his stay rumors started to surface about this guy. At first, the successful landlord did not pay attention to the rumors at all. After all, people always speak a lot of meaningless stuff nowadays. He once was a victim of such foul mouthed people too. Things got complicated when Mr. Ali was linked to a cold blooded murder in a state in the country, as it was reported by the media. That was enough. Mr. Smith decided that the button had been pushed far enough. He thought about expelling the accused tenant from his premises. Thus, he took it on his hands to terminate the stay of Mr. Ali in his estate. Mr. Smith requested the tenant to vacate the premises with immediate effect, because of the fact that he is under investigation; moreover, he is clearly diminishing his business in terms of attracting consumers of his priceless commodities. Mr. Ali argued that the landlord did not give him at least a prior notice but tried forcefully to evict him from the premises.

Mr. Ali thus started a fight but after sometime yielded to the wishes of Mr. Smith. Furthermore, things took another twist; a very bad one. Mr. Ali lost his life as he was moving out of the premises. He had an accident, thus he succumbed to injuries. It happened right in that time when his name was cleared of drug trafficking and murder allegations. Mr. Ali’s family flew from Saudi Arabia along with George Kelly, their family lawyer, with the aim to pressure charges against Mr. Smith citing the fact that he evicted the deceased in an inhumanely manner, moreover, he did accuse the deceased falsely. On the other hand, Mr. Smith regarded the scenario as a defamatory issue. He detested the soap opera.

Both lawyers were willing to strike up a deal in a bid in order to reach a mutual consent and put the matter to rest. Thus, the lawyers suggested compensation as a probable solution. Though, the matter did not turn out that easy. Negotiation stalled. Some factors played a huge role in the matter. The fact that it involved two people of different religion played a huge role in the set piece. Mr. Ali’s family argued that this was a war between Christians and Muslims, furthermore that it was not just about them but all the Muslim community. They claimed that Americans do not respect the Islamic culture, thus continually murder innocent lives occur and then cover them up. Of course, this might have been true or false, nobody knows for sure, but it is a clear indication of how the religion really can play a role in dispute negotiations. It can make or break a deal.

Culture is another factor that will greatly reflect great repercussions on communications expectations and norms of a person (Schellenberg, 1996). Can borrow to phrase in my discussion to validate the theory that one is a mirror of the culture and norms one has underwent. Person you are today is a result of the ingredient mixture that was used as u grew up. With no doubt, the world is made of diverse cultural virtues. There are some things that are permit in different cultures. Taboos are not entirely common among people, though some do share them. Such factors hinder the way people handle issues that arise among persons of different cultures.

In the case above, such disputes can be resolved if good leaders from both parties cultural background are employed. In addition, such leaders should possess good leadership skills in order to be successful in the resolution process (Dana, 2000).

Following there are some of the skills that are required:

  1. Good speed when addressing the dispute;
  2. Ability to dialogue;
  3. Ability to mediate involved parties;
  4. Ability to hold people accountable;
  5. Ability to take action;

In the case of the above scenario, first of all it is important to establish the set of the rules that are to be followed in the mediation process. Such rules should be firmly stated. The first party, that is the landlord, will be asked the set of standard questions during the mediation process. Then, the same questions will be addressed to the family representatives. After all, parties should clearly state what they want or need. It is now my duty to help them to negotiate to a point where they are both satisfied. At this point, it is good to define the accountability process in order to ensure that no party breaches the reached agreements. Hence, action should be taken.

From my point of view, lawyers can hinder the process of negotiations since they will generally try to put most matter in front of the jury which might sometimes be complicated. This is from the fact that they do believe in the law that much. Some issues can be mediated outside the court of law.

Lots of studies have been done about how the factors above, especially, how religion can be used in conflict resolution (Schellenberg, 1996).



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