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«Integrity and Its Importance in the Army»

Integrity is the part of the Seven Army Values, maybe the most important one. Those are seven fundamental principles of how every soldier must act and live. The definition of it is to do correct, morally and legally things all the time and consistently. Integrity is a high ethical and moral principles; honesty, uncompromising stand of a moral character, and the state of being undiminished as to morality. The Army has its own, specific, but similar, definitions for integrity. Integrity is the foundation for confidence and trust. If something is difficult for us it does not mean we must search for another easier ways. It is not a matter of deciding between fellowship and discipline. It means choosing both positions, because both of them are important equally.

The principle of showing no favoritism strengthens the army as a monolithic structure. Everyone is getting an equal treatment and not fear of command`s mood or a simple mistake. Integrity also enhances the moral of a soldier, when you know that your fellow soldiers, sergeants and lieutenant, will always take care of you and each other no matter how difficult situation is.

Integrity and honesty creates the basis of trust. It is the great source for individual courage and is the main basis for effectiveness of the Army in general. Honesty means to be truthful in your behavior and word. That is when your behavior expresses those values that believe in. More honesty you have the less anxiety and depression you will suffer. When we do not behave as we feel, our self-esteem would be much lower. In addition a lack of honesty and integrity will affect positively on the relationship you have with your command and fellow soldiers.

Integrity creates a reputation that lasts for a lifetime and reinforces the individual courage to do what we have to do and what we feel is right.



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