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The Housing and Residential Education staff members publish the newsletter occasionally. The publication is created after the weekly board meetings. Important issues regarding the living status of students and residents of the campus are addressed. This particular newsletter collected from the Housing and Residential website highlights an event organized by the staff members. The event is a tour around the residential area of the campus with an aim to promote and familiarize students and residents with new living facilities and amenities.

The newsletter is considered a literacy practice because of several reasons. Firstly, writing and publishing a newsletter is an engaging task. There is a set of requirements including a specific qualification one needs to have in order to write a relevant newsletter. Firstly, such requirements embrace proper English, both written and spoken, ability to express oneself through words and sentences and the ability to carry out a comprehensive research on a topic. Secondly, the newsletter is a reading practice for the audience; it is essential to have the literacy skills of reading in order to acquire knowledge on a particular topic. Therefore, newsletters play an important role as part of literacy practices of the Housing and Residential Education community.

2. As a literacy practice, interviews turn into one of the most fruitful ways of collecting data while at the same time practicing our ability to speak fluently and communicate with other people more often. In face-to-face interviews, both the interviewer and the interviewee are challenged to use their literacy skills in order to pass a message across. This literacy practice is engaging and helps in sharpening our skillfulness.The interview was organized with an aim of collecting views of the campus residents regarding the housing facilities provided by the Housing and Residential Education community. Katie Holmes, a resident at the campus, volunteered for the interview and expressed interesting opinions, ideas and feedback on the services provided by the housing community.

3. The staff members of the Housing and Residential Education community issued a set of self-administered questionnaires around the campus. The main objective of the questionnaires was to gather information on the views of the new residents regarding housing services. The response was impressive since it comprised multifaceted data including compliments and complaints.

The use of questionnaires as a method of data collection promotes literacy skills among the respondents. A good percentage of the enquiries implicates structured questions that require more reading and writing, hence engaging both the staff members and the respondents.

4. The Housing and Residential Education community has a Facebook page where they engage residents in discussions regarding housing services inside and around the campus area. Most of the student residents are young people. They use the webpage to air their views to the student leaders and to engage the leaders in discussions through asking questions.

The use of a Facebook page improves literacy skills among its users. This is because in order to access, view and publish information on the page, the user needs to have the basic literacy skills of reading and writing. The Facebook page is a good media since it is an easy, quick and convenient way to communicate and discuss with the residents.

The discussions carried out on the page are a reflection of the literacy practices that Housing and Residential Education supports as a community of the university.

5. The pamphlet displays the organizational chart of the Housing and Residential Education staff members. A chart shows the hierarchy and different positions or roles of each staff member of the housing community.

The use of a pamphlet to explain particularly any data requires both writer and user of the pamphlet to have adequate literacy skills. The pamphlet contains important precise information that is beneficial to its users. Therefore, the use of pamphlets shows advantages of the literacy practices of the Housing and Residential Education community.



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