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«Island All Inclusive Vacation vs Cruise Vacation»

The tourism industry has a solid material base, employs a large number of people, and works with all sectors of economic complex. Tourism has a significant impact on the economy and development of the particular region, contributing to the flow of currency into the state or country, creates more jobs, improves infrastructure, etc. To get the maximum benefit from tourism, each state develops tourism policy, which is a type of socio-economic policy.

There are two types of vacation I will consider in this paper, namely, the island all inclusive vacation and the cruise vacation.

An all inclusive hotel offers a certain set of pre-paid services. The quality of these services is determined in advance. This system helps travelers to save money and time when choosing a hotel, food, even the country they may visit. Countries, where such an approach to the organization of travel industry has become the most widespread are Egypt and Turkey. Thanks to the system of all inclusive, the flow of tourists increases every year.

Within the territory of the hotel customers may find a reception, a conference room, elevators, a restaurant, , a hookah bar, shops, a hairdresser, a water park, a swimming pool with a pool bar, a movie theater, an amphitheater, a medical office, office hotel guides, SPA area, Turkish bath (hammam), an entertainment area, disco, etc. The all inclusive system covers everything except massage, billiards, bowling, expenses in the stores, the cost of services in SPA center and hairdresser’s services.

As a rule, such all inclusive tours are popular in the summer and the hotel should be located as close to the sea as possible. If hotel is situated along the coastline and it is easy to get from the hotel to the beach, it is more likely to get more profit.

An all inclusive option offers the whole package, including unlimited access to the bar, for a relatively low price. However, there are always some pitfalls unnoticeable at first. If European all inclusive concept fits within certain limits, in the countries like Turkey and Egypt it varies from hotel to hotel. Of course, there are certain common standards, but somewhere you will be asked to pay for the use of the TV remote control and air conditioning, mini-bar, even if it was not been used.

After choosing a hotel, you need to find out exactly what kind of all inclusive you are offered. Mini (soft) all inclusive includes a variety of drinks of local production, but in limited quantities. ALL, Al (All Inclusive) in addition to breakfast, they also serve lunch and dinner, afternoon tea, barbecue, snacks between meals and drinks in unlimited amounts. UAL, UAI (Ultra All Inclusive) include all of the above, only at a higher level.

Asian countries are guilty of fooling visitors with pay-TV channels. When you switch to a channel, there appears a warning at the bottom often in a local language saying that you have to pay for the watching. If you ignore a warning, you are more likely to end up with an additional expense.

Unlike the island all inclusive, the sea cruise is a guided tour through the sea on board of a special passenger vessel. Currently, dozens of cruise companies worldwide operate hundreds of passenger ships with a capacity varying from 70 to more than 1000 passengers. They also offer exciting trips in almost any region of the world accessing the sea.

In fact, a cruise is a sea tour the base price of which covers the comprehensive service on a board. It includes the stay in a cabin (depending on the class chosen), three meals, entertainment, and usually a number of special events on board (holidays, festivals, contests, concerts, etc.). Today the level of services on ships gives tourists a variety of offers, which can be compared only with the most expensive resorts. The range of services available on a board is diverse. There are a few restaurants with individual interior decoration and furniture, own kitchen, sports and recreational activities for different age groups, a beach, and various entertainments, a casino, lectures, exhibitions, interesting programs for children and teenagers.

Sea cruise liner resembles a floating city in miniature, with over five hundred tourists on its board and as many stuff and crew members. There are all conditions for a bon voyage on a cruise ship. The travelers are welcome to visit numerous cozy restaurants and bars, shops, cinemas, music rooms and a variety of other client services. 5-7 spacious passenger decks typically have several indoor and outdoor swimming pools, solarium, gym, and sauna. During the stay, the cruise provides a varied entertainment program. It includes trips to moorings, various fun events, holidays, and theatrical days on the ship. Within the whole tour tourists usually have no free time, so tight is a schedule. In addition, some firms organize special thematic cruises dedicated to a particular professional, entertaining or any other subject.

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The most common is the classical European system, which provides stops during the voyage at various ports with excursion programs. However, the popularity of the American system increases steadily. Its main goal is to allow cruise passengers to relax and sunbathe on the beaches as they stop on the route. Slot machines, sauna, massage, hairdressers, tailors, photographers, mail, laundry and dry cleaning services, products and goods purchased in stores, bars, coffee shops, telephone are all paid. Charge free services on the ships include medical care, storage rooms (except automatic), reading room, children's room, internal telephone, TV in the cabins and salons, gyms, swimming pools, bathrooms and showers, beach chairs and mats, bed and bath linen, inquiries for directions.

The list of the on-board services largely depends on the segment of clients of the tour. For example, cruises to the Caribbean are preferred by youth groups. Hence, such trip will include the large number of discos, casinos, contests like "paint the ship's lounge", etc.

Thus, comparing the island all inclusive vacation and cruise vacation we can say that cruise is a guided tour by sea, usually with stops in different ports. Additional services may be given to passengers by cruise companies, which organize or sell tickets on the board of the vessel for various tours, etc. Taking part in such events usually requires additional payment, similar to participation in additional excursions during the land tour. While the cruise company is fully responsible for the safety and welfare of their passengers on a board, it is not responsible for possible events during excursions and activities on land. Passengers are also required to go back to the ship at the announced time.

In winter and fall the most popular are cruises to exotic regions such as Australia, Southeast Asia, and South America. In spring and summer the greatest interest of cruises are around the Mediterranean, Europe or the British Isles, and the beautiful Norwegian fjords. Almost every corner of the globe is accessible for cruise ships. Cruises are a part of the world culture. While going on a cruise, the tourist opens a new world full of different and unforgettable things.

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If we talk about the perspectives for the next few years, the fans of all inclusive-tourism have nothing to fear. Moreover, the travel market participants believe that in the future it will spread over the countries where it is not familiar now.

The all inclusive system is very popular among the tourists. It is not surprising, because the cost of the hotel service under the scheme is intended to include food, drinks of the local production, and many other services. It is definitely very convenient and beneficial.

In my opinion, island all inclusive vacation is for the people, who prefer cultural entertainment and qualitative service; and cruise vacation is for those, who wish to visit different cities and countries, become acquainted with local traditions and explore the new areas.



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