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«Managing Diversity»

Managing diversity in an organization involves dealing with employees from different environments such as countries, cultures, job functions, and generations. In addition, effective management of diversity involves production of products and services that suit a diverse customer base. Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, has implemented various specific organizational practices that have promoted effective management of diversity in the Company.

The CEO has used a participative leadership style that allows employees to take part in the decision making process. In addition, she updates employees on anything that takes place in the company and accepts their input. She acts like a mother to all employees and gets to personally know them and their employees. This has made them feel that they are part of the Company and gain morale. The style encourages cooperation between her and employees and is characterized by high output and quality.

She establishes goals and encourages employees to attain them. She normally persisted and insisted for employees to find solutions to the toughest problems. Moreover she expected employees to highly perform and reward them for their efforts. She also successfully manages diversity by dealing with employees from different cultures and countries such as Russia and china.

The CEO has also employed employees from diverse generations. They include matures, baby boomers, gen X and gen Y. This facilitates their interactions and enables sharing of different styles and preferences from the generations and brings different perspectives to the Company. Working with diverse generations also encourages cross-generational communication therefore facilitates transfer of knowledge (Kovary, 2008).

To get greater results in the management of diversity, the CEO should consider educating her employees on the existing differences between different cultures and countries. This will enable them learn effective ways of dealing and interacting with the cultures. It will also enable employees come up with ideas that would lead to development of products and services that satisfy a diverse customer base.



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